Day 3 after the disappointment of my higher expectation, I went to Paragon Department Store to see (maybe) I found something. I went to H&M to check their latest collection from Isabel Marant. I didn't buy something because I can't found anything that really catch my eyes. Here are photos from Paragon Department Store.

Isabel Marant H&M

Isabel Marant H&M

I went to Gourmet Market to bought traditional snacks from Thailand. That market is super big and huge, I think you can found all things there. I also tried Hokkaido milk in front of cashier while waiting for my mom's friends. I took some photos that catch my attention (see the caption).

Hokkaido Milk - Gourmet Market

Pocky - Gourmet Market 

Traditional Snacks - Gourmet Market

Christmas Chocolate - Gourmet Market
After I got some snacks, I went to MBK trough MRT. I didn't found anything there. It's just so so, there are a lot of bags like Mangga Dua. Then I went to Chinatown to eat. Seafood there so delicious and cheap. A lot of people eat in my place. The restaurant called T&K Seafood. Near there I found fresh drinks from pomegranate. It's really refreshing and its cheap 100bath for 3 bottle.

T&K Seafood, Chinatow

Pomegranate Juice, Chinatown
I came back to my hotel and take a rest. Say hello to my last day in Bangkok. I didn't have any plan for the last day, so I just looking around at Platinum Fashion Mall. I bought a lot of stuff there. Actually I was searching man stuffs for my friends, but I didn't found anything. I enjoyed my last shopping there and go back to hotel to packed my stuffs. So this is the end of my short trip to Bangkok. I have a plan to visit Phuket next year with my friends, hope the plans goes well.

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