Pink Mood


I am a bit sad because Jeffrey Campbell shoes that I looking for 1 week in Karmaloop is finally have a trouble. I mean the promo code didn't apply on that shoes since YESTERDAY. I hate myself too much thinking whenever I want to buy something. Huft. Should I buy now before it's out of stock? Since I really want that shoes, but it's a bit expensive though. Let me see later.

Did I mention you that I want to cut my hair? Finally I did it! It's quite short actually, but thank God it turns good. So today is my last post of long haired. I'll miss my long hair and I should buy a tonic-kind shampoo so my hair can grow really quick. 

I was selected my photos and I found 2 different types. One is with flash and one is without. Since I didn't take photo much so I show you all of these. Thank to my sister, Patrisca to take this picture.

So, pink is today's main color. I remembered that I hate pink so much before, it's to bright, a strange color, but I don't know since when I enjoyed pink. Oh, maybe it's neon so I just interested to all color with neon things so pink is include (self-reflect lol). Anyway I have been thinking to sell my stuffs before but I don't know how but I find a way yesterday, that @fasyen (Instagram account) can help me to made it.
Dress - Zara
Bag - Bershka
Shoes - Zeal Footwear
Sunglasses - Cute Fabric // @cutefabric

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