I just finished lunch and I am trying to write something now. Before this blog is launched, I had a plan to made more than 1 post and made it scheduled. In the first and second week, it done well stitch to the plan, but now.... it's difficult. The reasons? I don't know but it means I must write in the time that it will be publish, like now. 

Yesterday I attend my mom friend's daughter wedding at Bandung. It was so crowd around 1,500 people is attend the wedding. About wedding, I just thought that I want a small one, outdoor, and in the garden with not too sunny day, only family and best friends are coming. Pretend I am not saying anything lol. In these 3 days, I'm kinda busy because of 'suddenly business'. My friend is going to Korea and wants to sell some Korean stuff, so I happily help him because  it's money this is my area. Hey friend, if you read this, don't forget to but my 3CE and bring me Stylenanda stuff! 

I visited curated market like Goods Dept in Bandung, Widely Project. It's not the first visit actually, suddenly I just feel want to visit it again to see what's new in store. I found one new local brand, Inside & Side. I am trying to figure out what they sell in Facebook and Instagram. Again, I just found nothing. In facebook there is no information or anything else about the stuffs, in instagram, I only saw accessories, not the clothes that I saw yesterday. I like to buy something online, not in the store, so it's like my habit to see something & remember the brand and after 1 day, if I still remember the stuff, it means I really have a crush on the product, if I forget it, it means so-so and I won't buy it. I found the phone number and try to message and waiting for the reply. I hope they will reply me soon!

About curated market, my friend told me about he really happy to find unique shirt in concept store in Korea. He said it's nearly impossible to find unique clothing esp. for man in Indonesia. Please mention me if you know a local brand that really have unique concept for man. 

A bit about my outfit. Did I tell you before that I love a hole thingy and something about illuminati. Hahaha it's not like I'm a member or something, but it's kinda cool, the symbol for fashion lol. This top is just perfect for me. Thanks to my sister who died her hair white, Patrisca Amanda. I hope you do well in your final exam next week! 

Top - Monstore
Skirt - H&M
Shoes - Nakerschu

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