Hello! Sudden missing for (almost) one week because I really busy prepare a lot of things. Buy a wrap paper, make a card, make a STAR, etc. Yes, STAR. Do you know the origami stuff for make a star? My aunt teach me when I was young and (thank God) I still remember how to make it. Happy Birthday to my dearest AP who celebrate his birthday yesterday.

Suddenly a lot of my friends want to join AIESEC and make an exchange to Romania. I really happy to hear that. I give them some tips for interview and I hope they can do well in it and accepted. I heard some is ignored, some is accepted. But don't give up for who ignored, it's not like you can't do well, but maybe it's not your country, choose another country that you can enjoy much! 

About my outfit, the Tiger Top I bought in Romania, shoes is a Zeal Footwear custom shoes (my friend's business so it's more trust able). Kenzo Cap is a gift from my friend. And very thanks for my dearest sister Patrisca who take this photo. Ps: I will poke you 1 week later for another shoot!!

Cap - Kenzo
Top - H&M
Shoes - Zeal Footwear
Accesories - Emit Poise

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