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4 days before trip to Bangkok with Mom and my cousin, Nina. What should I prepare for.. shopping? I am getting more exited after my friend told me about his trip to Bangkok. So there are a place (yes I forgot the name), there are 32 sectors with 16 sectors for fashion and the price is very cheap. For 1 top is only cost $3 USD. I know it's not fair why they can be soooo cheap and why the Bangkok stuff here is more expensive. 

Anyway, as I promise before that I want to show you my currently new obsessed: something with belt. I found 2 stuff in last Brightspot, an amazingly it's same brand. So here are my new baby!

I love in the first sight the unique top from I.K.Y.K, you know why lol. I bought that top at Gandaria City in Brightspot. About the shoes, I bought at Plaza Indonesia, also in Brightspot.

Click click the link of the brands below and you will understand those are local brands. Yes, its Indonesian Brand. The difference being local and not is maybe the professional view of marketing. If you click those 3 links, you will understand why. I.K.Y.K, you can't click the 'shop' area and how can customer buy your stuff? Same as Danjyo Hiyoji, they didn't update their stuffs for 1 year (same as facebook), maybe they are super busy. I am a big fan of Danjyo Hiyoji and I believe they really have a lot of interesting stuff (yes, I saw a lot of things that I want to buy in last Brightspot, but money didn't allow me). Last is SNEC SHOES, it's shoe brand based on Bandung, the website is under construction and I don't know how long it takes for a construction. Anyway, don't worry, you can buy my looks on their Instagram! Go Go Go.

I have a local brand too and I really understand how hard manage a website. Sometimes the web developer is not reliable. Sometimes the order not listed because the email think it's spam, or anything can be happen. Marketing on social media or website can be very useful, it depends how you create a promotion campaign. Event your stuff is not really good, but I believe if some people see a banner like "Buy today last-collections SALE up to 50%", event I don't know who and what brand, I will open it and take a look. 

Top - I.K.Y.K // @ikyk2011
Shorts - Danjyo Hiyoji // @danjyohyoji

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