I Miss You


You, yes, you. My hair. I believe it's already 3 days after I got a hair cut, but I am not feeling happy anymore. I kinda miss my long-haired. I think I want to get an extension but it's a bit difficult because you must buy the hair extension first, and then go to salon and they will help you like 4-5 hours to make it into your hair. It takes a long time and long process then I just a bit lazy to do it. So maybe I just enjoy my bad mood every time I see a mirror, lol. 

I know it's really LATE for the review of Birghtspot, but today post is about a bit review of last Brightspot (since I always come to this event everytime they held it). For the very first Brightspot, I came for 2 days in 4 days event and now I only come once on the last day in 4 days. It was amazing, a lot of local brand is gather around in 1 spot. This event before is only held once in a year and make another improvement (or maybe diminishing) by twice a year. Actually for the first I really happy to coming but since a lot of local event (Market and Museum, Pop Up Market, JFM, IFW, etc) come one by one, and they make their own uniqueness, so its become not-really-exited to coming to this event anymore. 

The brand itself, mostly the tenants are actively on the Goods Dept. My favorite brands One and A Half, Identitie and Monstore also join this year, but unfortunately I didn't buy their stuff because this season not really grab my attention (maybe because there is no hole or spike or anything haha). A bit shock that Danjyo Hyoji, my favorite one is join this event! I knew this brand from the closing store in PI/GI (I forgot), they sale their stuff in a really worth price and I bought one stuff there (I promise that I will wear it and post it later). I come to the hall that all of tenants is gathered, the flow is just confusing. After I turn around and I just came back to Danjyo Hyoji to see 1 stuff that really grab my attention. The shorts in skirt like with belt on brown. I tried before and it really suits me, just don't think much because the price is really worth. I grab the last piece on S. I also wait for 1 week for their latest collection that I requested to make 1 again for me because they only sell 1 piece and it's sold in front of my eyes (whoever bought it you're the luckiest girl!).

Another brand that grab my attention is ALEX[A]LEXA. I bought a shirt, the cloud one for school. I'll post it later. Local brand (for woman) nowadays really cool, but for man, it's a bit so-so / standard fashion sense. Some only printing with a symbol or words, some is super standard "hype" american casual style, and that's it. Same like shoes, boots, boots, and boots. There is no unique brand like street style that offers you with a cool pattern or bright color, or no gothic/slank/bike-rider/anything. I don't really know why it happen, maybe there is no demand so they didn't have agility to make it or they are afraid to play in 'this' segments. Oh, I write a bit about the boy segments because my friend told me to make a review so they can 'realize' 1 of many people is concern with this issue (alright, issue).

Jacket - KTZ
Cap - GZB, Official YG
Pants - Zara
Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell

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