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Blame my exam, I didn't have much time to cares about Halloween things. (No, I just truly didn't care). Welcoming November 1! After my mid-term exam finished, I just surfing the internet about random things and found nothing. I googled with this keywords: "website for fashion Indonesia" "website for blogger Indonesia" "fashion magazine in Indonesia" and found: nothing can really beat my expectation. The purpose is I want to find an association or an organization that involves in fashion industry and do some collaborations or anything involving a blogger in Indonesia. What I found is nothing and I still can't believe it why. Is working in fashion industry area is that difficult? Or to be exact, is being a fashion blogger in Indonesia it means nothing? It there is no facility, how can they still survive? Or how can they survive in their own country?

You can count with your only right hand, some 'big'  or 'famous' fashion blogger from Indonesia. I will not mention it but you can found it by yourself with Google (Google knows everything). And what are they doing? I will not compare how it works in another country. 1 of them is famous in Indonesia, or maybe in Jakarta idk. 1 of them is famous worldwide. 1 of them is famous before. 1 of them become more famous, and etc. Still, applause for them who still survive in this hard-to-be-discovered environment. Actually I have a plan like 2-3 years ago to make a little group/clubs/anything to gather all of fashion blogger from newbie until 'senior', but who am I and still (until now) who am I? So (again) I search about that issues, and found something (finally). There are a little group or fashion bloggers meeting, but it's not completely a real meetings. The only guests all are 'friends'. So, just consider it's invalid.

I saw in whatiwear for Indonesian people but I just found few among the members. Did you know that is a website from Indonesia? I found it easily because a lot of new fashion blogger here got an awards or something there and just (never bored) googling and find out immediately. So let's say, it's only 1 website that can support fashion blogger in Indonesia. 1 facilities was build and what's next? How about the players? I don't know about how many young people to do a fashion-blogger-things here? To what extend people here interested in fashion-blogger-things?  

If the answer is many, I believe half of the reasons not start their blog is same like me (I wrote in the 1st post). If not, I believe because there are no facilities. Ah, I just too much thinking, after you read my post maybe in your head will appear 2 big words like: WHO CARES. Alright, doing this things is fun for me, and I hope if a lot of people do same things like me, we can meet and share our 'hobbies' together hihihi.

If what I wrote is wrong, and you know something about what I want to know, please tell me, because Google can't always help me

About this look, I adore my socks, I purchase it online when I am still in Romania. I ordered without paying first and after I comeback to Jakarta, I pay immediately so the stuff soon will be arrive in my wardrobe! The sunglasses itself, match with my socks and I found it in H&M in Romania, same with my yellow sheer cardigan. I really love studded things and neon things. Really made my day!

Yellow Sheer - H&M
Sunglasses - H&M
Shorts - Forever 21
Socks - Insert Coins
Shoes - KML Shop

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