Hey, it's a secret!


I've found something interesting about how a secret become public secret. Everybody knows about your secret because your best friend tell her/his best friend about your secret and your friend ask her/him to make it into a secret. Again and again until everyone knows. What's learn point? Don't trust your best friend? Nope. I guess, make a secret that only you understand/know. It seems if someone knows your secret, it's not a secret anymore, it's a secret who have possibility that everybody (will/in the future/one day) will know. Same as like gossiping, if I know you talk behind my back, its your friends fault. They tell me everything. Hey, we are 20++ now and how can you still talking behind my back? Lol. Do I cares? Nope. I believe that in my stage now, I don't want to impress anyone. I'm a human too so I can do wrong, and you can judge me whatever you want. 

My feelings nowadays is down in the dumps. I order something in one of online shop, I ask her why my stuff still not arrive yet until 1 week, I ask her everyday after 2 days she sent the package. The result is my stuff was missing. Alright, thanks TIKI to made my day become worse. Same as like I try to order something in Karmaloop with my credit card but unfortunately the bank is ignored the payment. I think more bad days to come in this week (hopeless). 

About my study, I am getting confuse because of CDC (Career Development Center) and EDC (Entrepreneur Development Center). So in my university if I want to work in a company for my future career so you must attend CDC. On the other hand, if you want to make your own business, you must attend EDC. For my point of view, since I still didn't know what I really want to do, so I think I must attend everything that involve in that two. The biggest problem is lack of motivation to attend CDC, sometimes whether I serious to apply in the one of the company to work there, I think in the end I will just follow what I want to do (make my own business). But, still. I'm not sure yet.

Ps: Thanks to my sister who take this photo in.... her university. I remember when this photo is taken, a lot of people beside this building, they was playing volley ball in the swimming pool. How.. can I hold my laugh to walking like 3-4 times trough the wind outside the building properly. 

Leather Peplum Top - ZARA
Leather Skirt - ZARA
Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell
Accessories - Topshop

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