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Hello! So sorry for a long updates because I just stupidly left my laptop at home and just got back to my dorm for a short escape. Like I wrote before that I will go to Bangkok for a holiday.

I want to tell you all of my shopping story but I don't know how to start. I'm not write anything, so I just checked on my path. I arrive at Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok on Saturday around 08.40 PM. I stayed at Novotel Platinum Pratanam for 3 night 4 days with my mother and my cousin, Nina. I got tricked by taxi driver from airport to my hotel. Actually my friend told me before to be careful with taxi driver BUT I still tricked. First I just queue in taxi stand and the woman give us a paper and the driver show us the car and we are get going. I think we will use meter but in the end, the taxi just go without talking anything (about the fare because the meter not working). I am afraid it will be so expensive so I asked the driver how much it cost, the driver said it cost 500 bath. I checked on online before it just cost around 250 bath. So I talk to him that please to use meter. It's going smoothly and I am waiting until I arrive at the hotel. 5 minutes then 10 minutes, I just realize that something wrong with the meter! It pass 250 bath so fast in a blink. In the end I must pay 485 bath (with meter). The hotel-keeper said to me that the taxi driver gave us a long road so the meter can calculate itself with high rate.

Remember that experiences just make me laugh. After the madness, I choose to look around the hotel, I went to Platinum Fashion Mall but it closed, so I just check for foods nearby. I ate mangoes with sticky rice and it's really good. I also ate cakwe with kaya jam and steam rice with chicken. After finished eating, I go back to my hotel and take a rest, prepare myself to wake up early morning to.. shopping.

Second day in Bangkok, I went to Floating Market. My friend told me again that we only pay for $50bath/person and you will be offered with $1000bath/person. It's happen and I tried my best to tell my mom and her friends. We asked the driver to go to the other place, the public place, but the driver DIDN'T WANT. Yes, here, we paid but we can't ask him anything. So in the end we paid 500bath/person. It was awesome experience to go to floating market. I tried a lot of foods there.

Actually I am a bit sad because I have a plan to go to Cak Tu Cak Market on Sunday from morning to it closed, but mom friends have another plan. I hope I found something interesting in Cak Tu Cak and I didn't found anything. I had a mental breakdown because my friends told me in there a lot of stuff you can buy. After visit Cak Tu Cak, I went to Platinum Fashion Mall. My mom's friends said that Platinum is the best among the others Mall. So I tried to trust them, and for me, there is a lot of stuffs and organized well. In Cak Tu Cak, the market really huge and I don't know where to go, but in Platinum, you know where are you and in what floor or sections, it describes well.

I am sorry that I didn't take a photos in Cak Tu Cak Market because I just busy searching for something. Until my next post in Bangkok!

Floating Market

Floating Market 

Floating Market - Foods

Floating Market - Foods (Coconut & Mango with Sticky Rice)

Floating Market - Merchandise

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