I become speechless with Trouble Maker new music video, you can watch here. The song itself quite nice. I had an idea to do a haircut like Hyuna in that video but I must gain my courage first. 

Last sunday, my mom's friends came to my house and did a presentation about Worldventures. Anybody know about it? So in Indonesia, it's not officially have a branch. Actually it's quite interesting, because if you join and get a business itself, they offer you with really cheap tour to everywhere. For example, you can stay in Greece with only 99$/person for 4 days in 4 star hotel (plane ticket not included). If you know about it, please give me an opinion whether I join or not.

Yesterday in BSD, it's super cloudy, it's raining cats and dogs, made me sick and by forced I must consume Antangin because I still have exam tomorrow. This is the first time I consume that medicine, but thanks it actually works! Anyway, today Thor is playing in XXI and Blitzmegaplex. I saw the trailer and it look really good movie, I must watch it later.

Top - Oasap
Highwaist - Nightingale
Shoes - KML Shop
Cap - Unbranded (bought at Singapore, Bugis St)

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