A random thought about a competitive advantage, my blog, my sense of fashion, and local brand. If someone ask me, what make you different among the other bloggers. (Maybe) I can say that I happily use Local brand's things. It's not like I don't like to buy not-a-local-stuff, but I want to tell you guys that Local Stuff nowadays is pretty good. For who survive 2 years being a local, I understand the feelings being a local and need/try to survive in this not-much-appreciate Local stuff's things here.

When there is a local bazaar, I bought a lot of stuff. My friends ask me: "Why you bought that stuff, the price is same with Top Shop or sometimes Forever21/H&M is cheaper. They have brand, and the quality is good. It's well-known brand". Simply answer: "If not us to buy our local stuff, who else? The quality is good, they (Top Shop, Forever21, etc) have brand, and ours not. Here, I buy stuff, not brand."

About branding, I simply like Kenzo and KTZ. They are a fashion designer's brand, not a big company/manufacture brand. To inform you, that well-known local brand which already go international, Nikicio. Nikicio is a fashion designer's brand from Indonesia. See their collection here: http://www.nikicio.com/ 

Oh, you can remember that Batik is the famous one, but Indonesia still have a lot of local fabric to show off. Cotton Inc is one of Local brand that give us another reference (beside Batik). See their collection about NTT Tenun in the website here: http://www.cottonink-shop.com/

So know, let's jump up into my outfit.

I bought the top from Gaze Attire booth from Go Girl Expo last 2 weeks and I just spare my time to take a photo and wore it (finally). There is a hole backside and I just falling in love easily with the hole thingy in any-kind of fashion. Andddd, the brand itself is made by my high school's friend Marcella. I hope you can do well and welcome to the local! Same as the top, I found the shoes at Go Girl Expo. Actually it's not really eye-catching like I usually interest in, but sometimes I feel to at least I must have one pair of shoes 'normally' without getting attention from people (such a wise thought lol).

Top - Gaze Attire
Pants - Chloris Closet
Glasses - @vasckashop
Shoes - Bear House Shoes // @BEARHOUSESHOES 

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