I just addicted with B.A.P's song, Hurricane. Sorry for my sense of music, but if you want to know how good is it, try to search it on 4shared and you will find one.

Late post about my outfit for Go Girl Expo last 2 weeks. For people who live in BSD City, maybe you are familiar with the background of my photos. Yes, The Breeze. I found a 'property' to do a photoshoot today. I don't know the name of that circle but it quite interesting.

Thanks to my sister, Patrisca Amanda for taking this picture! (and also most all my photos)

About my outfit, I bought this Jacket in Romania. You can puchase online on the next link. If you realize, this playful suit is made from velvet. Orange color in velvet is perfect! You can puchase online too on the link (just click). About LAST Clothing, this is a new local brand from Jakarta, born in March 2013. They provide you an extraordinary fashion. If you like a hole, sexy thingy but also a playful one. LAST Clothing is a right choice. And last, the shoes! Did you see a silhouette? I falling in love with the shoes. There is a face in the wood with (of course) an affordable price. I found Nakerschu at last IFW 2013. 

Jacket - New Yorker
Playful Suit - LAST Clothing
Necklace - Topshop
Shoes - @nakerschu

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