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I have a bad habit. If I really want something, I just think too much. The result is this is my very first post for my blog. I thought in the earlier 2007 to make a blog for my outfit, my things, and whatever I want to tell you about. The reason(s) why I didn't star to make a blog is.. (maybe you guys have a similar/same problem)

1. I don't have enough time
To take a photo, do a blog, updating, etc. I'm rather busy. No, I really busy for my study. I went to a really good senior high school in Jakarta (try to guess it) and now I still choose the best business school in town! It's like I choose that best for my future. 
Notes: Believe me, if this reason is really the first reason you didn't start your blog, you will regret like me now. 

2. I can't write english in a good way
I really like to read everything in english, but in the end if you want me to write something in english, it just... fail. You know, when I read a very first fashion blog in english (I was 15years old I guess), I am wondering "can I make this one also, I want all people can read my blog, so I must write it in english" but when you try once, you are too busy to correct the grammar, and translate your mother language into english in a 'broken' (google tranlator) way. In the end, you will NEVER star your blog like me. I'm too afraid, and that's why I learn english more to make me feel confidence.

3. I don't have enough money
Everytime you read a fashion blogger you will see a really expensive stuff. You realize you can't afford it in your age. Not every people born in a 'rich' way. So again, I'm afraid I can't compete with others. Anyway, it's NOT a competition. It's about share what you love and tell all of people your things! You must proud for yourself. What am I had done in these 5 years before decided to start my blog is I worked for my own money. Or you can try to create your own thought "if you only share an expensive stuff, how can other people try to mix and match with that things?" 
Notes: Don't take 5 years, I just too much! You can do blog and work in the same time anyway. 

4. I'm too young or old to start a blog
When I was 15, I just think I am too young. I will not survive in these fashion blogger world. Hey me again! It's not about competition anyway, it's my fault to think I am too young. When I turn into 21, I just realize I am too old to start a blog. Huft, I just wrong. Again. Regret.

5. I don't know how to do a blog, how can I start for the exact.

I just too confused of HTML things. I think is just too difficult, but in the end, I try to search some references from Google. Thanks Google you make my difficulties become easier!

So, in conclusion!

I START THIS BLOG -- hell yeah!

This is me for my very first photo, hello everyone!
Good luck for me for everything!

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