"Being unable to think with clarity or act with understanding and intelligence"
Counting on my post. I still can't believe that I really made this blog. You will see that I really have a lot of plan to posting, or maybe because it new for me so I really into it.

Romanian Rip Off Arc de Triumph, Cluj-Napoca a bit cloudy with a really good weather. This photo is taken with my Samsung Galaxy S4. This smartphone is really have a good quality of picture. 

About my outfit, I wear that boots to walk everyday. I brought it from Jakarta to Cluj, and after I go back to Jakarta, the live of this shoes is like 20% of 100% battery of phone. You can charge your phone if the battery is finish, so on with my shoes. I still can use this shoes. It broken once because in Europe you walk everyday.I take a cap to go to a far place infrequently. So sorry for my shoes. The lesson learned is never bring (your favorite) shoes to go to Europe (for a long time).

I found the cross necklace in Hungarian Market. Truthfully, I forget the brand of this necklace. I have an allergic with silver so I barely use necklace. I falling in love with this necklace because it made from ceramic (not wood nor silver). For the first time I saw the necklace, I really want it. I am asking for the price and it is not too expensive. So I just bought without thinking. For the 2 weeks after I go back to my country, I still wear this necklace. After that, I found it broken into pieces. It's my fault to drop it. Huft. I always have a bad experience with necklace.

Top - H&M
Bottom - Cheap Monday
Shoes - KML
Necklace - Hungarian Market

Here's some photos of Cluj-Napoca.

National Theater, Cluj-Napoca, 2013
Saint Michael Church, Cluj-Napoca, 2013
Saint Michael Church, Cluj-Napoca, 2013

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