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For the very start, I want to remember the wonderful moment that I spent with all Rebranders! To be exact, I accepted to do an internship in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. I live with 28 people with different personalities (and also different countries). I enjoy it so much that 6 weeks is never enough.

I will tell you something interesting near my dorm. So, there is 1 cafe that everyone enjoys to sit there, got a beer and chit chat. My very first meeting with AIESECers also held there. The cafe called Spatiu.
Spatiu, Cluj-Napoca
The next place called Marty Society, the offers you good food, really good food, but, they didn't accept coins to pay, lol. I know it's weird, but it's fact.

Breakfast, Marty Society

Fish & Chips, Marty Society

Then a bit of my Outfit.

Sorry for my second pose. A bit awkward. I mean... a lot of awkward. This photo is taken by my friend from Italy, Fabio. I remember how embarrassing to ask him to take me a photo with THAT KIND of pose. I remember that I just preparing myself to be a Photoshop teacher with Fabio in front of university.

Top - Comme des Fuckdown
Bottom - Unbranded (Bugis St, Singapore)
Shoes - Reebok 
Bag - Forever 21
Bracelet - @youngeststuff

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