Boy, It's Late!


Currently I told you before that I must finish the interview for my final year assignment, and that is simply finish with a lot of effort. Firstly it's really hard to open a conversation with someone from the very first meeting. I mean, I am not a kind people that like to chit chat without meanings with someone I didn't know well, but yes, sometimes it needed. SOS from me to my friends, but it's not working. They also like me. A bit awkward and wait for the perfect timing to start a conversation. 

The result of depth interview is.. my future business plan is feasible and have a big opportunity to grab the market segments, since a lot of baby will born every year, but I must packed in a good way. I really want to try xxx first to see how it turns, hopefully I have a chance to do it later. 

Anyway, I know it's really LATE to post about my boy london outfit, but who cares. This blog is provides you with my daily style (and a bit share of my thought), so you still can wear this outfit but maybe it's not really happening right now. Believe me, fashion is like a cycle, so maybe in the future, this boy will be a trend again. 

About my outfit, I got the top from my friend, it's a gift from London. When he give it to me, I am a bit shocked because that day I really want it soooo badly. But did you know Boy London is originally The glasses itself I bought it from Cute Fabric, it's an online shop at instagram. They only sell an unique glasses, one of the best sellers is this lennon glasses. To be truth, I have a face that can't fit with circle glasses. My cheek will automatically looks chubbier and sometimes become a stressful because I think I getting fat!

Top - Boy London 
Leggings - Boy London
Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell
Glasses - @cutefabric

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