Barefoot Me


This week is my LAST mid-term exam! I don't event know if I can be happy or not, still 1 year to finish my university days. But anyway, still. Good. Luck. For. Me.

I am barefoot for a bit lazy photo shoot last Monday. Actually I didn't have much time to prepare it (alright this is just some excuse). I bought that top from Topshop last Saturday because of an accident. Actually I had plan to watching CN Blue concert but in the end I just do my enjoyable activities: shopping. I promise to meet up with friend at Senayan City first to take a look for Jakarta Fashion Week but end up a bit lazy to do it because some a lot of crowds in front of JFW entrance. Yes, I am a kind person that easily disturbed to do anything else if I don't really have a 'will' to do it lalalala.

This week is a bit crazy. I must study for exam whereas I have a lot of things to do. Did I mention you before that I joining MUN project? If you didn't know what is that, you can google it because I just lazy to explain it. MUN is here. (still lazy to copy and paste the meaning or whatever is that). But believe me, it's something fun for improving your skill to debate, and of course it will be useful in the future and give you more memorable experiences in your life. Another activities is do my assignment for my final year. I must do a depth interview with 10 women with average age from 24 to 34 for my new business. And yes, this morning will be D-DAY. I'll tell you about those women behavior later on my next post.

This photo is taken by Patrisca Amanda (again and will be forever) my lovely and handsome sister.

Cap - Kesh 
Top - Topshop

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