Monday, 2 March 2015

Me as A Child

Hat - Inch Child
Choker - Shophella
Top - Apparel After Dark
Outerwear - Blackbook x Goods Plus
Shorts - Nikicio
Shoes - UNIF

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Eye Eye Captain!

First look at Kuala Lumpur, finally! A sunny day! It's hard to take an outfit post because Jakarta always raining. 

First thing first, thank you to Polette Indonesia who sent me these glasses. I really love the design and I got the clear one too! I'll post it on the next post. Everybody, please check Polette website here, its so fashionable and I know you will love it.  

The tote bag itself, I got it from Own Me. You can check their instagram since they know how to persuade customer with their unique design. 

Sunglasses - Polette
Tattoo Choker - Shophella
Jumpsuit - ZARA
Monster Eyeball Tote Bag - Own Me
Shoes - UNIF

Own Me
Instagram : @ownme20
Line : owndy
WA : +6281222205920

Instagram : @poletteeyewear
Worldwide Delivery 

Sunday, 22 February 2015



I just come back from a short holiday, and I really scream for this month GOALSSS! 
Shopping at LAH LAH LAND! You can't imagine how happy I am and I come back with no regret!
I can shop Yesah, Morph8ne, Mash-Up, Inch Child, Salad Day, YRU, Demonia etc. Everything just perfect. Heaven on Earth. For me it's here. I hope Indonesia have this kind of shop, if not... I will open it for sure haha!

Anyway big thanks to Edward, he open the store for us! It's actually closed because of Chinese New Year but they willing to open for us, they really know our goals to shop (more) at their store ;). Anyway, you can visit their store at Lot 6F-106, 6 Floor, Sungei Wang Plaza, Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur 55100.

You have to check all the brands they have, but I have my favorite~! Can't wait to show you all what I've got. 

Until the next post, see ya~!

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Maria Maria

Last post before I go to KL this Thursday for a short escape~~~~  Anyway, this looks was taken by Ines in front of The Space, Metropolis Market. 

I just wanna share about my Valentine day, it's kinda beyond expectation. I mean, its totally sucks. Actually, I'm not a person who celebrate Valentine, because I'm too lazy to prepare something, but this year, I just wanna try to be a 'normal' girl who enjoy this moment. The result after tryin to be normal, I just failed. Perfectly. I'm in a rush in the morning of Val's day (I just hate Erha Clinic because some doctors reallllllyyyy slow to handle patient and another just too fast, so when you get the slow one, I called it unlucky). Then I go to Le Quartier for lunch but I can't help my mood. It ruined. After lunch I also have a plan to go watching Taeyang's concert when I know it's 50% off discount for the ticket but when I arrive, the eyes, nose, lips song just finished. I feel lyk everything beyond schedule.......... What I remember, I enjoy the meatball in front of Tennis Indoor Senayan haha!

Anyway, I have a lot of story to tell you but I can't talk much since I have works to do :( 

Top - Inch
Sweater - Eleven Paris
Skirt - Identite
Socks - Uniqlo
Sandals - Stupkid

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Birthday's Flood

Hi! How's your day?

Jakarta's flood make me frustrated. No electricity, no signal, can't go anywhere. Surrounded by dirty water. How nasty this year's flood? Try to googled it :'). I thank God, the flood is not on my birth-day!

Anyway, I just uploaded my latest birthday party at Bradleys British Tea House. Thanks for coming guys! I had so much fun this year. You can check your photos at my photobucket's album. (Password : valeriesamantha)

Here's some photos, but I suggest you to check the album, it's a lot of photos ;).
Ps: Too bright for a KTZ, huh? I know! I can't help to wear this dress~~ 

 photo DSC_9039_zpsacz83gkd.jpg

 photo DSC_9159_zpsxbbingpr.jpg

 photo DSC_9036_zps84dly2cl.jpg

 photo DSC_9114_zpsjd3pubzz.jpg

 photo DSC_9109_zpsaha14dxx.jpg

 photo DSC_9087_zps5jt1txru.jpg

 photo DSC_9118_zpsqg5vmskr.jpg

 photo DSC_9188_zps53hf6bb0.jpg

 photo DSC_9186_zpsmx5crmrx.jpg

I'm not editing much, since I know you have your own style. Until next post! See ya~!

Friday, 6 February 2015

It's Your Life, Not Mine.

Hi! I just lurking around here for a new post, since I have to go now!

Come to visit me at Shopdeca booth at Metropolis Market, Senayan City since I will be there today~ See you around.

Snapback - AW Wardrobe
Choker - Shophella
Top - Platform Store
Shorts - STAMPD LA
Shoes - Black Milk Clothing x Solestruck

Sunday, 1 February 2015


Welcoming my favorite month of the year. February! Always make a lump of money, wasted it, and happiness? Make it doubled please. 6 days until my birthday! Can't wait to hold a 'tea party' with baes. 

Tatto Choker & Bracelet - Shophella
Dress - Cocraparis
Bottom - PINX
Shoes - Y.R.U