Sunday, 4 October 2015

I See You In My Back

"You told me that dreams can come true, but you forgot to tell me that nightmares are dreams too"
-- Ciel Phantomhive

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Invitation Only

This outfit was taken before Brightspot Market. Do you go there? I choose Thursday because 'Invitation Only' situation but I guess it's sooo crowded enough to stated as 'Open For Public'. I took around afterwards I buy a shirt from Pinx and skirt from Argyle & Oxford. Will do an outfit post later. 

Saturday, 19 September 2015

You Think

Current addicted song is Girls Generation's You Think because I can imagine how they rock body harness and do some sexy parts, gosh, uri Sooyoung <3

Anyway, how's your day? These photos below is taken in front of Bershka at Central Park last Euphoria Project. I went there to buy Apparel After Dark's baby that I've been eyeing since it's released. About the event itself, I don't really like outdoor fest because I'm such a weak (weak : when your mood rely on your hair situation, you know what I mean?). The tenants is quite good, I can get a thing there. A thing means a lot for me. I tell you the truth, I prefer to do online shopping because I can't found anythings good there. One of my reason to build my own wonderland that consist of all ma favorite brands around the world because of 'this' matter. Beside, it make me easily to do a shopping too! Have you visited it? I think my blog is become more advertising media for my store >.<

When I saw my photos, I think I need to do a hair cut asap esp my bangs it's start to grow longer and longer. Bae told me to not cut them off and it makes me want to cut it more haha :(

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

A Friend Called G


Like I said before at the previous post. I need some time to make a beautiful review or I called it hang out experience with this plastic girl called GG! I believe you already know this girl, she is famous for her creativity to post everything become so majestic. Spot her Instagram account here. Interesting enough? So I'll start my speech then lol.

Tell you the truth, I'm afraid in the first place to ask her to come to Jakarta, to visit my new born baby: Wondaland. We are strangers, I email her and was so happy when I got a reply. It's like a dream. You know, in Indonesia, people with 200k+ followers are a bit cocky or should I say, picky?. They started to give a wonderful rate and honestly, I can't afford that huge money. I start to use my brain, deeply. Then I have an idea to invite her when I read her Instagram about going bankrupt because of her Russia's trip. 

At the arrival gate, I wait with Charlene, together with nervous situation. She comes with smile and.... for us it's unexpectedly. Check her instagram, she NEVER smile. Why could she hide her smile perfectly? I spent my day with her for 4 days and 3 night, so can I share what I know about her for these short days? 

She can't handle hot weather, we have 2 days shoot for lookbook, outdoor. She's dying over the heat. She is start to smoking again after once stop to do it. Her usual cigarettes is Ice Blast Marlboro. She loves anything cute. Hello Kitty for example, or Rilakuma. I took her to AEON Mall and she loves to be there. Taking some ridiculous pictures. It's very different aura when you saw her at Instagram. She is vegan (more than vegetarian) and she love's all kind of melon + dragon fruits and coke zero. She watching all kind of TV shows such as American Next Top Model, Asian Next Top Model, Master Chef, etc. Her music taste, the one that I remember and I know is Lana Del Rey (it's my fault to not know any singers except Kpop idols). She can dance and her boyfriend is her dance partner. It's like in a love genre manga, right? And what's next? I remember something that she want to buried down. Something in the past, just because it's just ridiculous haha. I have it too! And it's the same matters as her. I can't tell you because just like her, I need to hide it well. She is a talk active when the day start to getting darker. At night, she just like a kid, her energy is in the maximum point, not like me. I think I'm getting old. She love to play DDR. I took her once to Timezone at Kelapa Gading Mall. She doing her DDR so well, too bad I can't play with her because I was so tired on that day :( Oh! She loves the supermarket. After Farmers Market, Food Hall, Lotte, Kem Chick that I bring her, the most favorite one is Food Hall at Grand Indonesia. Because they sell Vegan cake as a dessert at the supermarket and they have a lot of fruits in cut. 

OK. Stop it Val, I think you start the fan-girling over GG lol. These past few days I feel so alive, meet new people: the photographers and videographers. I feel so grateful because I have a lot of 'super' friends that want to help me to make a Lookbook shoot & video for Wondaland. I love you guys + girls so much! I owe Hans Marley, Angga Gadutism, Stefany, and Julyanti. Can't wait to see the result >.<

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Visit Me!

I was so tired but happy in the same time. I wrote this at night and continued in the morning, right now, and I'm in urge to write something on the blog and post this outfit asap (since I already post these photos at my instagram last week). As you know, my store is already open! It's been a WEEK! Yes, it's still young and I want to tell you a lot of things happen in the past 10 days. 

10 days. I really work hard that I think I only touch my games Brave Frontier, 10 minutes at night, then falling as slept because I was so tired. Here's something to tell you about my Wondaland. 
- I open this store before the Iconic Kemang soft launching, basically it's pure a 'trial opening' before all of tenants at Iconic Kemang is opened. Why do I have to open? Because I have responsibility: I carry a lot of brands and they need some sales, right?
- I am the only owner after a month ago then I ask my friends to help me and give them some offer to be my partner to build a better Wondaland. They are Annisa and Charlene. They are kind of my yin and yang. Annisa have a very bold, scary, dark aura and Charlene have a very pretty, colorful, bright aura. They accept my offer and ta-da! It happen. Wondaland have 3 brains now! 
- We choose GG (@plaaastic) to be part of our soft opening, did you met her yet? She is toooo cute that I will tell you later in the next post. 

I hope you guys pay a visit to my store and please tell me some advantage and disadvantage so I can know how to build a better environment there in the future! In the mean time, why you not helping me to 'like' Wondaland fanpage here.

Sunday, 30 August 2015

Neutral Mood

I was interviewed by someone who doin a thesis about Fashion Blogger. 1 question that really stick in my head is "do you have an Indonesia fashion blogger who inspired you and your style?" unfortunately, the answer of this question is no. It's absolutely sad because I can mention a bunch of name of international fashion blogger who inspired me. When he ask why, maybe because Indonesian people it's still in the neutral mood (monochrome, vintage, or daily basis) & 'play safe' fashion. Sometimes I look to someone who are 'different', it's not what-the-hell-this-person-wear but I'm so happy to find one, and one, and become a lot! I hope it grows because they dare to be unique, not because they are just a few and finally change their mind and become majority. 

What I really look into fashion is something that make me excited. When you can find something unique. If I only can choose 1 of a lot majestic brands here, I love to pick KTZ. Even I can't afford that easily. It's expensive and it's hard to choose where you can buy 1 KTZ piece worth for 3-4 shoes. I still a person who have a business minded so I always calculate everything in mind to make it worth. If not, I'll not satisfied and will be a shame of waste of money. 

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Attack on Titan

Today's post is about mumbling. Something not usual that I really want to freak out. As a title, if you don't know the movie/comics/anime, just skipped it. It's not important. Believe me. 


So, I watched Attack on Titan yesterday, at Blitz Megaplex MOI. It the FIRST movie ever that I watched on the release date. I called myself a super fan, I buy all the comics, novels, watch the anime, even buying something not important at AEON Mall and I really have a high expectation for their latest movie. BUT, I can't say it's meet my expectation, my heart is crushing into pieces. Here is some tragedy that I have to tell you : 
1. There is no Levi but Shikishima really act like Levi. Levi is a person who WILL NOT abandoned their comrades, not like Shikishima who just watch their comrades die, eaten by Titans. 
2. Shikishima and Mikasa is a Lover and fvck, it's looks like Levi and Mikasa and I don't want to imagine what Eren do in the comics if it happen.....
3. There is a scene that a woman flirt Eren and say "do you want to be a father of my child?" and it become wild. I have a blank mind like why this fvckin 2 minutes is wasted for this kind of scene. Japan, as I know, when they don't need love scene, they WILL NOT add it. (I watched a lot of J-drama before like Team Medical Dragon, it have a medical theme and there is not a single scene for love scene or similar with Samurai X too). Oh, please.
4. The scene become so modern, the transportation is by cars, but in the manga/anime, they ride a horse and it become so cool. I hate to see cars in the plot of Attack on Titan.
5. How come Mikasa left Eren when she saw Eren injury. Mikasa in the comics WILL NOT doing this. Oh I'm crying. So disappointed. 

The ONLY good thing is the graphic of the Titan : Colosal & Eren, is so majestic. I love to see them in the future.