Tuesday, 19 August 2014

A Tourist!

Photos are taken by Patrisca Amanda and Ardiasa Putra. Thanks!

I got this hat from a factory outlet in Bandung, Heritage It's not pricey and they have a lot of stocks, if you want the same style and color like me, you can go there or just go around to another factory outlet and I believe you can get a similar one. My current favorite shoes are from Beary Shoes, check their instagram because they just open a new pre-order. Skirt from Danjyo Hiyoji, I bought it quite long time ago but suddenly found this at the back of my closet. Anyway, they just release a new season (EN GARDE) and you can request a lookbook to danjyo.hiyoji@gmail.com

I got this one of a kind top from ODIOLI. The Sakata from Zaakunika made from cotton, crop at front with aztec pattern. I got mine and I hope you get yours too! I believe you also want to get a little surprise from Odioli. They will give you a shopping voucher IDR 1,000,000 and you have a chance to win a FREE TRIP to Bali. Let me tell you how!

1. Follow @odioli at Instagram 

2. Capture your style wearing Odioli products.

3. Post your picture on Instagram and don't forget 
to mention, hastag, and tag @odioli #OOXME

4. By the end of every month, they will pick one winner 
based on the most-liked photo.

Soooo, good luck for all of you! I hope you are the winner and enjoy the present. Until the next post, see ya.

Skirt - Danjyo Hiyoji
Shoes - Beary Shoes
Hat - Heritage
Necklace - Hungarian Market, Romania

Saturday, 16 August 2014


I madly in love with fur. So how can I got this adorable fur coat? I bought it from The Goods Dept Pondok Indah Mall. Its only one left and it's on sale. This is just my luck because my friend, Ines found this fur and she told me to try it. I tried it and in seconds, I decided to buy. 

I got my top from Nikicio, I bought it online because only there I got my size. It's perfectly fit and I just happy to wore it. If you realize, this is my second time to wore this top! My skirt from Benash, I bought it from the first second Infare and just have a chance to wear it. All my outfit is from Indonesian local brand, can't you believe it? Because they are just too amazing! They should try to selling it online worldwide so a lot of people can enjoy it!

Top - Nikicio
Skirt - BENASH
Fur Coat - BLCKHRT
Shoes - UNIF

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Their Bodies

Four days ago, I watched SISTAR and A Pink performance at Shinzui Festival in Jakarta. It's not my first plan, but I don't have much things to do, so I decided to watch it. I ask my friend, Greggy to accompany me. 

I always buy a ticket in venue when the concert ticket is not sold out. I bought it cheaper than usual price. I got 400k for Front Festival (in BABY BLUE section). When I go inside the venue, the color change! From baby blue into black for Front Festival. Baby blue for Back Festival. I feel deceived! This is my first time feel soooo wrong! I don't know that the promotor have some brilliant idea. I know it's not the brokers (calo bahasa inggrisnya apa sih?) fault, but I just so angry. Some is our fault because we got 'MEDIA' ticket with baby blue color. The seating plan describe the baby blue colors is for front festival. So we just believe it without double check it again. When I busy with my feelings, A Pink is performing right away. So I just forgot the situation and enjoy the performance.

When the boys are screaming for SISTAR, I just screaming for their bodies, esp Dasom. She has a white skin with perfect proportion! I just.... envy her. The MC ask what's the secret of their sexiness, they said eat well, do some sports, and diet. For my situation, I just eat soooo well (no diet, and currently I'm not doing yoga or other sport). So forget about being skinny! 

Taken by Leonard at Mangara Studio .

A friend of mine and also an owner of Mangara Studio are visited me for a free booking at their photo studio. I ask my friends to join me, Ines from http://www.aii-ness.com/ and Putri from http://www.putrivalentinalim.blogspot.com/. Luckily they have some interest. 

I got 2 looks/outfits for this photo session. I will post the next outfit on my next post. I'm sorry, I just feel a bit awkward, I'm not a professional model and I feel uneasy because the make up itself. This Indonesian like make up make me a super chinese look. Overall, I super satisfied with the result. Thanks for having me and until the next post, see you guys!

Crop Top - Stradivarius
Skort - Re:Shoppe
Coat - Re:Shoppe
Choker - Lunar Cult
Shoes - KML Shop

Friday, 8 August 2014


Currently addiction : Infinite's Back. People say that if you like a song, it's describe your current situation. For me is not valid. I love this song because they have some addictive tone, about a same tempo but not annoyed me (and maybe just because I didn't understand about the lyrics)

This week, I enjoy my time to do some revision for my final project's paper. NPV, WACC, IRR, etc make me insane but thanks to my cousin who come to Jakarta, I can spent one day vacation with her to the cafe or mall. I visited Shirokuma and Locale24 Dinner. Shirokuma is not that good, it's below my expectation, but Locale24 meet my expectation! Their nachos omg, I will go back soon! 

I got this leather jacket from Rangga Moela's booth at Infare. It's quite big but who cares! I just love it and try to have some match with my crop top from Cocraparis. If you notice, I wore the skirt once. I bought it together but I just like to wear it separately! Then, I called my sunglasses, a 'magic' sunglasses, because it suit with whoever wear it! Shoes from T.U.K from Solestruck. 

Crop Top - Cocraparis
Shorts - H&M
Sunglasses - Forever 21
Leather Jacket - Infare
Shoes - T.U.K

Sunday, 3 August 2014


Oh, welcome August! Half of this year have passed and I still have a long way to go to catch my dream currently addiction. Styling! So styling a professional model for me is similar as styling a barbie! They have a skinny body, long legs, pretty, and you can easily put anything on her/him and it will become a jackpot! I currently updating my styling portfolio blog here www.eternityofstyle.blogspot.com Check this out!

Anyway, I just finished a 2 days holiday trip to Bandung. On the first day I just played all day in Trans Studio Bandung. Learn from my experience, I bought a VIP pass so I didn't need to queue all the time.
At the second day I just went to Factory Outlet with my whole family. From Heritage, The Summit, Cascade, Lily & Rose, Level, etc but I only have one destination. Widely Project. I was there and bought some stuffs from my favorite local brands. I will show you later when I post a new outfit for those. 

Today's outfit is a simple yet comfortable style, I'm not really into casual, but you can see its enough to watching a movie. Transformer is cool! I heard a lot of critics about the latest Transformer and I almost not watching it because of my friend's review, unfortunately this friend is successful to persuade me, and thanks God I watched it! I bought this cool skirt from my latest holiday in Bali then I know my shoes is catch your attention! I got this super cool shoes from Beary Shoes. You can easily click on the link and order it. It usually fits true size but for this model of shoes, I suggest you to buy one size bigger from your usual size.

Taken by Ardiasa Putra in front of Kemang Village Mall. Thanks!

Fitted Hats - Kenzo
Top - H&M
Skirt - The Story Of
Shoes - Beary Shoes

100% Home Project
Line : bearhouseshoes, bearyshoes
WA/SMS : +6287877883455 (no call)

Saturday, 26 July 2014

English as Well

So, question of the day is, someone ask me at ask.fm about why I write my blog in English, since I'm Indonesian, it must be good if I write it on my mother language. Actually, it's hard for me to express my feelings in Indonesian way, since I cant speak Indonesian in 'formal' way. For example, In English you can simply put I but in Indonesia it's a bit confusing since a lot of words like saya/aku/gue/etc. It's one of a lot of such of matters. The second reasons is I want to people understand what I write. Since English is the global language that people should understand. I won't ask you to study English to understand well, but I guess, is it a must to study English in these day? No excuse then.

Am I good in English? Nope. My English also like a sucks, I have a very broken grammar and a lot of mistakes. If you only want to speak/write in English when you are cool enough, you won't success. Why? I believe you also understand that practice is the best answer of a lot of obstacle. At the first time, I also have same problem of mostly people here. I'm afraid to speak English. I'm afraid to spell English on the right way, I'm afraid of mistakes. Then I need a lot of practice. How? Your parents can't speak English well, your friends is same with you, and if you have a friend who can speak English well in Indonesia, I believe in the end you will speak your own language. It doesn't work. So, I suggest you (and I've done it before) to have an exchange program to US or Europe area. Why not Asia? Because they like us and you will meet a lot of Asian people (or maybe Indonesian) so it's hard to study when you meet a friend that have same mother language. Why US? their mother language is English, and why Europe? they can't speak English very well like you, so you can understand well since you also in the same level of them. In the end, people who attend the exchange program is people who eager to learn, esp English. 

One of the benefit of the exchange program is you gain a confidence in yourself to speak English. I suggest you to have min. 30 days of exchange program without your own nationality in your group. I believe you can do well. Tell me when you success! Good luck.

I'm wearing this fluffy sweater from Platform Store. They have their own store at ITC Mangga Dua, but I enjoy online shopping more than a visit in a store. I got the skirt from Stupkid at latest Infare Bazaar. The necklace is from Youniq Jewelry, I bought it trough localbrand.co.id. Anyway, I'm using a lipstick from 3CE Stylenanda. Is it match with my outfit? It's a bit pale and pinkish.

The highlight of this look is my bag! I got it from Sea World. Sea World located at Ancol, Jakarta, Indonesia, It's really lovely because it have a small shark doll with sky blue color, stitch on the bag. I feel like to visit a lot of place such as Dufan, Jungle Land, Sea World, Water Boom, etc. People in my age are trying to be a nostalgic, but come on! I'm not that old actually.

Sweater - Platform Store
Skirt - Stupkid
Bag - Sea World Indonesia
Shoes - River Island
Necklace - Youniq Jewelry