Sunday, 23 November 2014

I do Colors

Some people saying that readers will only check the picture more than read the blog. Well, I want to test, is it true or not! Please comment "I read" bellow if you read this short message ;). Cheers!

Cap - UNIF
Tattoo Chocker/Bracelet - Shophella
Top - Platform Store
Pants - Platform Store
Shoes - Adidas Jeremy Scott

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Toxic for Life

I really concern about people opinion "somehow, your blog becomes an advertisement media"
Well, believe me, I'm not doing this -fashion-bloggers for this kind of things. I still do my outfit post  at least once a week, so I won't disappoint you my readers <3

Anyway, I just post my first giveaway collaboration, I hope you guys participate and join the fun! The bad news is, I only choose 1 lucky person to be the new owner of Polette glasses. And after me, a lot of fashion blogger also held the similar giveaway, you better check the information so you can join another giveaway to make a bigger chance to win!

Abbey Dawn is a fashion brand from Avril Lavigne. I don't know her much, but I buy this because it's just too cute to resist. FURY and PINK. I got it from Gaby since it's too small for her (yup, lucky me to be in this size). If you notice, it have a hoodie with ear detail and also skull at the backside. Totally love the outerwear! Then I got this ripped dress from Religion, Bali. It's London brand but they have some store at Bali. Well, I envy Bali because they have a lot of cool boutique! The shoes are from UNIF and the choker (really match with my fur jacket's pattern) by Blooming Slowly. 

Fur Jacket - Abbey Dawn
Dress - Religion
Choker - Blooming Slowly
Shoes - UNIF

Wednesday, 12 November 2014


The first collaboration giveaway is coming!


You can get one of these cool glasses or anything you want from awesome Polette for FREE! 

The question is, HOW? 

.1. Follow instagram @polette_indonesia & @valeriesmntha 
2. Follow twitter @polette_id 
3. Like fanpage Polette Indonesia 
4. Write below the photo (on instagram) your name + the name of the glasses/sunglasses you would like to win. Check on their new Indonesian website (for example : Valerie - Ibiza Orange) 
5. I'll announce the winner on November 26, 2014. Good luck!

Good Luck!

Monday, 10 November 2014

[REVIEW] Heavenly Blush Yogurt & U Rock UFM Jakarta Fashion Week 2014

A bit review about Billy Tjong's creatures for Heavenly Blush. I like the simplicity concept, white for all dress with some color (represent Strawberry, Peach, and Blackcurrant flavors : pink, orange, and purple) for the main point. Some women hate to wear white color clothes because it makes their looks fat. For this design, as you can see, the model still look skinny even they wear white. It's not different because the cuts itself shows Heavenly Blush concept. 

So now, I can share some thought about my experiences. I tried this yogurt drink from Heavenly Blush. To tell you the truth, I'm not a fan of yogurt. I'm not craving, but sometimes I eat/drink it esp for the health issue.

I got these goody bag from U Rock UFM Jakarta Fashion Week 2014. I got this on packed. Three Heavenly Blush yogurt with different flavors: Peach, Blackcurrant, and Strawberry. As you can see on the package, it's hi calcium, low fat, less sugar, and source of fiber. This already answer the question why active women needs to consume these yogurt. Less sugar then it must be low fat, so you don't have to worry about to gain a weight! Then sure you also understand why we need calcium to support our body. We have so many activities and works to do until (sometimes) we forget to eat. You can drink this yogurt first until you could eat the next meal. 

This one is my favorite! I love to drink wine and eat grapes, so this yogurt flavor just perfect for me. I can't describe more, I love it!

About the taste, you can enjoy the sourness and sweetness at the same time. Even it's not my fave among all, I still believe if you guys love peach flavor, this one is the best one. I tried before peach flavor from another yogurt brand, but I do love this from Heavenly Blush.


In a real life, I can't eat strawberry (I mean, the fruits). It's too sour and I can't handle the sourness. I like strawberry on ice cream, never tried on yogurt so this is my first time. For the first timer, I'm happy because I can drink it for sure! I mean, it's not too sour, I can say it's sweet. I think it have 'milk' flavor on it (yeah Val, of course because it's yogurt). ;)


Sunday, 9 November 2014

[REVIEW] WRP On The Go & U Rock UFM Jakarta Fashion Week 2014

Billy Tjong design these simple yet fascinating red dresses, inspired by WRP. Last week, I watched their Fashion Show and was invited by female daily. My favorite among all is the last one. 2 pieces (skirt and top) made me fall in love with this collection. What amaze me is, all of these designs really fit the WRP concept, it makes the model slimmer than before. 

After the show, I got awesome goody bags, one of them is from the sponsor, WRP. I got a mug and 2 flavors of their WRP On The Go (Chocolate & Apple). These jelly drinks from WRP is very healthy, it's low calories and source of fiber.

I love both and my favorite is Apple's flavor. I tried the chocolate one, it's delicious and make me feel so full all day. I don't feel hungry at all. I believe if I drink these every day, I will lose weight for sure! These jelly drinks really can make you slim!

So what are you waiting for? You can get these jelly drinks easily, its healthy and above all, it's really yummy!


Friday, 7 November 2014

Coloring the Parking Lots

So these photos are taken at Grand Indonesia parking lots. Not a good place to take a photo since it's too dark, but I hope my outfit can bring a bright color to this place ;). 

Currently I like to shop cute stuffs and body harness at instagram. One day, I found this Happy Monday, a Bangkok brand that sells a lot of cute stuff. They ship worldwide with free shipping service. The price itself is not expensive, so I enjoy my very first order at that shop! Maybe you guys can try to purchase some items from them too. I bet, you won't regret!

Taken by Ardiasa Putra. Thanks bae.

Shorts - Spotlight
Sheer Cardigan - Nasgorju
Shoes - The Editors Market
Choker - Lunarcult

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Newspaper Boy

I have to feel so blessed until I feel busy with this fashion blogger's works. Oh come on, maybe I should say it's fashion blogger's fun, not works.

I attended Jakarta Fashion week yesterday, and I will tell you what have I done through tomorrow post. This week's weekdays just end smoothly. I've met a new fashion local brand, I can't mention the brand, but there is an interesting story behind it. The owner is not young anymore, but they have a young passion to start fashion business. They said "It doesn't matter to face some loss, what we have to do is branding, we want to make our brand meet customer expectation, what we proud of it is our price". I'm a business student and I still can't get it. How can people really enjoy their loss to make some branding? What are you doing then? A business? Maybe someday, I will understand.

Today's theme is Newspaper Boy! I got this bucket hat from Locale. It's a surprise since I didn't know that it's reversible. The pants I got from ED-JEH, I bought it from Infare 3 at ex, Jakarta. It's quite a long time ago, and I just have a chance to wear it. I got this parka from Springangelss. It have a vintage touch and I like the color combination. It's suit with every black things. 

Bucket Hat - LOCALE
Tanktop - Unbranded
Parka - Spingangelss
Pants - ED-JEH
Sandals - The Editors Market

Instagram : @springangelss
Line : ekasaputraa
WA : +6285695013542