Wednesday, 16 April 2014


Not long ago, the games in my iPAD : Brave Frontier was release their new version. Not like other updates, they gave us a new character(s) that can be evolved with our current characters. I really exited to play this game! It makes me to play more and more because I really want to see the evolve result of my current characters. 

About games, I really like to play a games. From Playstation, Nintendo, any kind of console games with RPG genre. I have Playstation 1 2 and Nintendo DS. Oh, you notice that? Yes, I quit from a gamers since Playstation 3 release. It's not really interesting to play a console games. Now I just play on my iPAD.

This look is taken by my blogger friend, Ines at the hall to... toilet (lol) in Kuningan City. I got my short from PINX at Anyway I got a voucher IDR 750,000 for the winner of #LBOOTD1403 so I just bought some stuff from there and can't wait to show you one by one! Bershka top and Zara boots, these two I bought in Frankfurt, and the beanie, I just bought in the same day of this photo taken, Brixton from Bratpack Store at Kuningan City.

Beanie - Brixton
Top - Bershka
Shorts - PINX
Shoes - Zara
Finger Tip - New Look

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Fall Behind

Every time I update my blog, I just miss the chance to update my other account in Lookbook, Chictopia, and What I Wear. I always asking "why?" to know what the reason behind this. It's not like I don't have time, but I was lazy. So in today's post, I just want to spell out the features or anything come on my mind that make you lazy to updates your look.

1. Lookbook
- Lookbook is old.
- The options of the types of what you wear is soooo old that sometimes you can't found the correct one and ends with the 'similar' one.
- They ask us to give a name of the product, it's required? but I NEVER say the name of product, and nothing happen (so, please don't say it's required).
- When your karma is not enough, you NEVER be in the NEW page (just a dream to bump into Popular one, I guess)
- Tips to gain a karma or attention when you are (still) not appear in Lookbook? comment to any user's photos and they will notice you are exist (at least, they will commeting back or if you are lucky, they will fanned you).
- Sometimes error because the website took some time to reload. 

2. Chictopia
- The main page of this website is a bit weird because the mix the things and fashion (styles) together. Sometimes you can found online shop in the front page. Yes, it's a bit confusing.
- They force us to make an occasion and choose the season of your look. Well, I hope Chictopia can add more option like: "whatever".
- Chictopia also old and a bit complicated, they give us too much option to complete our look's information.

3. What I Wear
- Modern enough.
- Maybe because it's modern, so the option of colors, brand, etc is more complete than others.
- But sometimes, it's error or you may have took some time to reload.
- This website is not really popular if you ask people outside Indonesia, they will prefer Lookbook first, than Chictopia, and What I Wear, but many people in Indonesia join What I Wear.

Anyway, overall. I still one of the million who join those three! So all of the reasons or statements above is not affect me. Even it's to old school (still) I joined. If you have account in those three, please tell me (in the comment maybe?). It's quite fun if we fan/follow each other to make an Indonesian army!

(I try my best to update to my latest look, so please play with me so it will be more fun!)

I got the top from Crave for Black, it's a gift from them. How nice and thanks for the gift. Short is from Spotlight, I'm a big fan of their collection, because the always selling unique fashion that you can't found easily here. The main point of this look is the suspender, If you can't see clearly, it's like a ruler. I got it from Claire, Senayan City. It's really cute to be left so I bought it. 

Photo by my lovely sister Patrisca Amanda, taken in front of my dorm. This is the first time editing using Camera Bag from Mac Book application. Guess, I still love Photoshop more!

Top - Crave for Black
Shorts - Spotlight
Shoes - Forever 21
Suspender - Claire (Senayan City)
Custom Beanie - @beaniehipstore

Sunday, 6 April 2014

I Miss It!

I miss it, April Fool!

Actually here, in Indonesia, April Fool is not really 'big'. How about April Fool in your country? Sometimes I want to feel another 'big' day in every country, like April Fool or Halloween.

Anyway, this week I finished my DIY shirt at Esmod. It's fun (and hard), but nothing easy to learn something new but you can feel it easier if you enjoy it. To me, I enjoy it, much. I really want to try my 'skill' as soon as possible. I belive I will face a lot of struggle, but don't worry, I have friends that I can ask and books! *fighting me!*

A bit touch up of pastel in my look because I just feeling into pastel nowadays. You know, if girls like something cute, maybe she is (now) falling in love. For me, it's not working. I just like it because I'm a bit bored with my black! I got this dress from STUPKID because another dress/top is too bigger for me. First, I didn't choose this model, but end up with this model. Fail my body not into a right proportion so sometimes I hard to find smaller size to fit my size. And the shoes, did I tell you before that I got these shoes from River Island Amsterdam? I really love River Island's shoes. It's really fit my taste. I want to buy all of their shoes but I don't know how to bring it back to Indonesia (and money didn't allow me to). The glasses I got from I-FEST Bazaar last two weeks, and the blue ribbon, I got from Forever21.

Cut Out Bunny Dress - STUPKID
Sunglasses - Roemah Belanja // @roemahbelanja
Shoes - River Island
Bag - (a gift)
Ribbon - Forever 21

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Don't Ask Me Why


Currently not in the good mood because a lot of things happen and destroy my happiness. Did you guys watch Divergent? I watched it last Thursday and I prefer Hunger Games more than this. People nowadays keep comparing Divergent and Hunger Games. I found it interesting because actually it's different. From the plot of the story also different so why they keep comparing?

Anyway, did you ever hate someone? Me? Yes. Actually I'm not a kind that can 'hate' people. I am a really positive person and friendly so I like to talk and do anything fun with you. BUT, I still like a normal person. I can hate people, but God didn't allow me to. So this is a story! 

I have some problem with a friend of mine, called her Z. A lot of problems occur but don't ask me why because I don't know the exact reason. You must be me so you will know "why". I can't mention something bad about people like "Oh, I hate her because she ugly or blablablah". I try my best to avoid her. I saw her on university and find another way to avoid her. AND on my last thursday, I watch Divergent and guess what? I sit side by side with her. Oh come on! I watch at Kemang Village because the Mall is pretty new and not many people there. I watch Divergent also pretty late and do you know that the sit map in the movies is A LOT??? Why I must bump up into her? This is happen, and ALWAYS like this. 

When I still in a high school, I hate someone (and I forgot who), then I avoid her (of course). Someday it's switching-sit day around the students, and I have the luckiest one! Sit BESIDE this person. I become speechless when I found out that this person is sitting beside me. My mind not in the right place, I request to change place because I can't stand anymore. And the teacher change my place the day after the switching-sit day happen. The funniest thing is, God ALWAYS didn't allow me to 'hate' people. In the end, I must forget and give her a forgiveness.

Top - Forever 21
 Short - Forever 21
Shirt - Folklour // @folklour
Snapback - Andreas Wen // @AW_Wardrobe
Shoes - Forever 21

Sunday, 23 March 2014


Esmod life is fun but I skip the class yesterday. What for? For my business project! Deco des Jours. It's about party decoration with role play based concept. I will explain it to you when it's officially debut. Just wait for the good news.

So, in this week the highlight is I meet my blogger friend, Ines (@aiiness) for 2 days in a row. I never imagine that I will be this closed to her. She's fun and (beyond imagination) good girl. We went to my friend's cafe Bradley's British Tea House to enjoy the tea, Mojo to eat, and Pondok Indah Mall to playing. 

The good things are we are taking an "ootd" pictures each other, so thank's to her (maybe) I will updates my blog sooner than before. 

Wearing those Adidas Jeremy Scott that I bought from Paris. The top from Modifins. I bought it and wait for years because It seems the stock is handmade that you must wait (he said) five days but it tooks 3 weeks to receive the package. But I'm pretty happy to wear it. It's comfortable enough. Socks from Pyrex and my snapback from Outer Space. I bought it from Marocap in instagrap, it's DIY snapback. If you saw the "curtain" I made it by myself, inspiring snapback. The brand itself originally from Taiwan. Choker is from Blooming Slowly. They sell one of a kind chocker that you won't found anywhere.

Cap - Outer Space // @outerspaceleo - @marocapshop
Choker - Blooming Slowly // @bloomingslowly
Top - Modifins // @modifins
Socks - PYREX
Shoe - Adidas Jeremy Scott

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WA/SMS: 081932642151
Line: bungadeviani

Monday, 17 March 2014

A Goal

Finally a post on the blog~!

Hello everyone! It's been a while, and I already fulfill one of my wish! Being a fashion student! Yeay me! I REALLY WANT TO LEARN how to make clothes. Yes, make a clothes not drawing in the paper with a model with a very fashionable things in her body until you can't make it real. I really want to have a clothing brand someday, so I need these kind of knowledge. I took a short course for pattern drafting at Esmod. Basic pattern drafting is about how to make a pattern for skirt, shirt, and dress. I'm a bit confused at the first because I read the description that in the end you must make your own skirt, shirt, and dress (I mean, you need to learn at the first how to sew). But this fear is luckily disappear because the teacher teach us first how to sew and operates the sewing machine.

I am waiting for this 'free' moment, the short course need 3 hours a day and I think I need a lot of time because I am afraid if they give me a lot of homework and etc so I can't doing this when I still on my university. BUT again, my worries is just too much. In 3 hours you can do all of things that you can do and if you still not finished yet, you can continue in the school and if it possible you can do your homework OR just come earlier in the next day and you can do the homework. The homework isn't hard, if you feel it's fun, I guess, for me it's fun!

Jacket - Lunatic Pink Monster // @lunaticpinkmonster
Short - Tommy Hilfiger
Choker - Damn! Awesome // @damnawsm2
Shoes - EMS Project

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Get Strong

Outfit post for Infare day 4! (finally).

I supposed to be the last blogger who updates their outfit post in their blog or maybe the first (?). So in this mean time, I just want to tell you that I (officially) become an Esmod student! Tomorrow is my first day so I can't wait to live like a fashion student. 

Maybe some of you ask "why?" because I'm a business student and why choose fashion design. I have some goals in my life. Become rich (with my own business) is my last goal but there are few steps to reach the final goal. So basically I just interest on make an outfit (not drawing), so I take a basic drafting class (not fashion design class). Hope it will works well on me.

Actually this is my very first plan to do in this last semester of my university. My second plan is do an internship at H.M Sampoerna. I do an interview and I guess there is some miss communication inside their department. I won't tell you here because it's not worth enough to be mention again. God really nice to me, He know the best for me and make my fist plan going (a bit) smoothly~

See-trough dress - Label Cut // @labelcut
Shoes - ZARA
Top - KTZ