Saturday, 18 October 2014

Witch is too Cool for You

Halloween is near! Should I celebrate it like a crazy people who needs 1 day to confess their true identity? I wear anything I love and every time I want. So basically, Halloween is not really important but it's kind an interesting to celebrate it together with a lot of friends.

Taken by Ardiasa Putra

I got my body harness from Romwe. It's a collaboration item from Lua ( My skirt is from UNIF, I got it from Dollskill. Then my outerwear is from Shaman, I got it from my latest trip to Bali. (I know it's quite a long time ago). This is taken somewhere in Karawaci. Taken by my sister, Patrisca Amanda. Thanks sis! Some bonus with different editing, taken by Ardiasa Putra.

Body Harness - ROMWE
Sportbra - Platform Store
Outerwear - Shaman
Skirt - UNIF
Shoes - KML

Sunday, 12 October 2014

A Year

Today, October 12, 2014. 

It's been a year I started blogging. So yeayyyyyy! Thanks for ALL THE READERS. I love you guys and girls!

One year means a lot to me. 89 posts and still growing. I'll try my best to always updates this blog. Even I already started my very first job  (5/7 9-6), so it's hard to get some free time to take a photo ;).

I dressed this classy with my very old clothes to celebrate one year of blogging! I've check my wardrobe, in a deep side, and try to make a mix and match. So, in this post, I wear Cotton Ink outerwear and Forever 21 tanktop. This skirt I got from Bangkok. 

Then, did you recognize my face is a bit different? I got this 'make over' from Stefany

I got the shoes from Beary Shoes, isn't it too cute? Is it too feminine for me? Or is it suit? I like this shoes (and the pattern). If you like it too, try to buy it on details below!

Tanktop - Forever 21
Outerwear - Cotton Ink
Skirt -  Unbranded, from Bangkok
Shoes - Beary Shoes

100% Home Project
Line : bearhouseshoes, bearyshoes
WA/SMS : +6287877883455 (no call)

Monday, 6 October 2014

Memorial Garden


How's your day? Did you know that Jessica of Girls Generation is leaving out the group? I think SM just insane and stupid. I believe their stock market is decreasing and I just hope they get a bankrupt so they can learn from the bottom. Once I'm a big fan of this Kpop group and I am sad to hear this terrible news.

Hm, I wanna tell you about an e-commerce, called Zalora. I know some of you hear about it. As you know, I prefer to shop online than window shopping. Even to buy a shoes, I prefer to buy online. Nowadays, I have 'a bit' interest of sneakers. I'm not a big fan of sneakers but I can't lie to myself, that sneakers is... comfortable to wear! You can check this Nike from Zalora ;)

Necklace - H&M
Jersey - Joyrich
Socks - Primark
Shoes - Adidas Jeremy Scott

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Am Not Nicky Minaj

So what's up?!

Something just came up about today's post title...............................

I went to Brightspot at the first day (Thursday). I wore this outfit, walked, and people stared at me like "what the heck are you doin' here?!" and someone shouted at me "WOW, NICKY MINAJ lewat (pass)"........ Alright then... You can say am Nicky Minaj, it's a pleasure anyway, but wait. Nicky Minaj just...... not...... my....... style.

Actually, I have a crush (you can said addicted) to SEQUIN! I just can't resist to buy ANYTHING that have sequin on it. I bought these jacket and shorts from Platform Store at instagram. I just can't handle to buy it. I wouldn't think how to wash it later, if my mom knew it.... she will kill me (maybe).

And yes, as you can see on the pictures, finally I got my baby dragon. It's a new pet. A dragon with sparkling fin. I bought it from Dollskill. I falling in love at the first sight when it's released. I try my best to purchase it on official website of Y.R.U but I didn't have courage since I'm afraid the shoes won't arrive safely. At that time... it's quite long (for me) to wait... And TADA! Dollskill finally have it! And I just bought it. as soon as possible. This shoes is a collaboration with Devowevo. I knew Devowevo before from Eugenie, and I am falling in love with their designs. I heart Y.R.U and the timing just so perfect, finally I have Devowevo's stuff!! 

Then I got my Shadys from none other than Dollskill. So, one day, I buy this glasses but sell it since 'someone' want it. And I still want it, so I buy it again. It's like a miracle, Dollskill still have some stocks! I also got my Almighty socks from Dollskill haha, yes, at today's post, Dollskill is my savior! And also thanks to my cousin who help me to get it. You can also buy stuff from worldwide site! Just check the instagram @gimmeroar

Last one is my crop top from H&M. It's very cheap around $7 and I saw online shop who re-sell this for $30 :(. For their sake of those online shop, God. You have a superb idea, ever... It can help people who want to buy H&M of Forever 21 or anything which they can't found in their city. It's brilliant but you can't proud of it tho.

Sunglasses (Shadys) - UNIF
Top - H&M
Jacket - Platform Store
Shorts - Platform Store
Socks - Omweekend
Shoes (Qozmo Dragon) - Y.R.U x Devowevo

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Too Cool for School


How's your day? Me quite good. Do you have a plan to go to Brightspot Market this Sunday? Tell me if you come so we can have a little chit chat ;)

Well I wore this tattoo choker a lot of times because I just too happy to (finally) wear some accessories. I have an allergic to silver/metal accessories, I can wear it for a while but if I forced myself, it will become itchy and my skin will be so red. The sandals are from The Editor's Market, it's a gift or you can say that I want this kind of sandals and my wishes come true like I have a fairy god mother. 

My current favorite glasses are from Polette. I search quite times at online shops which sell this kind of glasses. Finally found one and this glasses meet my expectation! It's not too frail like I imagine and it's perfect to protect your eyes from the super sunny Jakarta. So, hurry up! Check their website, choose your glasses, and buy it ;)

Anyway, taken by Ardiasa Putra, thank you! 

Happy weekend everyone!

Top - Label Cut
Pants - ZARA
Sandals - The Editor's Market
Sunglasses - Polette
Tattoo Choker & Necklace - Lunar Cult

Instagram : @poletteeyewear
Worldwide Delivery