Thursday, 28 May 2015


Not a very new photos but I thought these looks are deserved to be here. The actual plan is, I took these photos for Kuningan City OOTD Competition, and ends only at my instagram. It's already over, and the result is, I've chosen as a third winner. 

Anyway, how are you my readers? I was busy caring for my baby, I mean Wondaland. Please kindly follow it instagram here. Last week, I just finished a Korean TV Show called Unpretty Rapstar. Basically it's a show about women who can raps. I stand for Jessi and I like how this show teach me something. Do you know the famous scene of Jessi, when she got mad because she had chosen as the worse rapper by member's vote? Her famous line is "We're not a team, this is a competition". 

At the end of this show, Jessi tears her up, she said Unpretty Rapstar is like a family. She regretted that she got mad and protest. But what I see is, if Jessi not doing like that before, maybe the other members wouldn't feel the tense of this show. Maybe the others wouldn't progress much as the show ends. And it's similar with life, sometimes, we can be an antagonist to change people, to be a trigger to make them become mature than now. 


I got this outerwear from my bloggers friends. It's a birthday present. Thanks bae(s) <3 <3 <3 Triple hearts for each of you. Skirt is from Stupkid, I bought it months ago, actually I found it on one of my bags and yes, I forgot that I have that wearing this see-through skirt for this photoshoot. 

Taken by my sister, Patrisca Amanda, thanks baby!

Outerwear - Monstore
Top - Topshop
Tattoo Choker - Shophella
Necklace - Zodiac Collection, Stupkid
Skirt - Brainless Collection, Stupkid
Shoes - YRU

Monday, 18 May 2015

Dominate the Darkness

I have a lot of bucket lists! One of them is taking a photo in the dark, it was accomplished! Yeayyy~! It's realllyyy tiring, since we try this like a hundred, but always, God know when the best will come. This lighting is from.... my car! Hahaha, too bad, I can't stand because the lighting won't reach me, so I just sit (beautifully), and my sis take these photos from different angles. 

Taken by beloved sister, Patrisca Amanda. About the outfit, since it's in the dark, maybe later I can show you the detail in different outfit photos. I'm not trying to be a Red Velvet's member but hey, they wear this crop jacket too at Ice Cream Cake music video~~~~ They styled it with only t-shirt and skirt unfortunately .

The KTZ itself, maybe you can't see it clearly, I got this from Bali. I asked my friend, Ines, to help me to get it. Thanks baby! 

Sportbra - This is a Love Song
Top - KTZ
Shoes - YRU
Outerwear - J. Valentine

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Effortless VS Tryin too Hard

One day, I read comments on someone instagram, not to mention her name, but she wear something revealed (her body). For me, it's not a big deal, but I read a lot of harsh comments. Some comments that really catch my attention are : it's different from being effortless or trying too hard to be popular & you're changed.

The questions here,
- gosh, it's nothing, she only wear a crop tank top, go to my instagram and I want to know what's your comments about being to revealed.
- if she is really trying too hard to be popular, so what? Is that your problem? Maybe the impact of her 'trying too hard to be popular' is you know her now. You are the part of this impact. She is popular.
- people change, always. so why you asking like it's weird not common?

Somehow, it makes me sad to read some bad/harsh comments. It's different being harsh or just give an opinion. 

Taken by Aiiness in front of Maris Store.
Jumpsuit - Topshop
Sneakers - Adidas Adilette
Bucket Hats - AW Wardrobe
Choker - Shophella

Wednesday, 6 May 2015


I've been busy nowadays, caring for my creature, I called it Wondaland. As you know, I already publish it on my instagram and another social media (this blog is the last one :( ) 

In short, Wondaland is a quirky and cute concept store, I guess you will love Wondaland if you are a fan of them: @plaaastic / @joannakuchta / @aliencreature / etc etc. I have plan to open the store around July and now I just open a small booth at Iconic Pop Up Market, fx Sudirman. I hope you come visit to see whats around (and buy some, maybe?). AND, for you who came from another planet, don't worry! I'm working now so later you can reach Wondaland online. 

This is my last photo's stock :( I should take another shoot for this blog, I promise you this blog won't be abandoned, maybe just a bit slow for a new updates hahaha

Taken by my bae bae Aiiness. Thanks baby much love!
Bomber Jacket - Stupkid
Shoes - YRU

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Urban Jungle

Jakarta start to getting hotter and this outfit represent summer too well, oh I just need a break!

I got this outfit set from Lah Lah Land, I bought it from last trip to KL. It's a SG brand called Mash-Up, they make a Tropical Streetwear. I like the belt/harness/whatever detail which is connecting the crop top to skirt. 

Then I got my new YRU from Japan, ma bae help me to get this new shoes. Rings are from Heloveedee that I got from her. She give me as a present after I do a presentation from my last job and yes I try to rockin in~  

Tattoo Bracelet & Choker - Shophella
Rings - Heloveedee
Sunglasses - Polette
Outfit Set - Mash-Up
Shoes - Y.R.U

Friday, 17 April 2015

Dot Dot Dot

This blog has been severely neglected since I really busy nowadays :( 

Anyway, yesterday's fantasy still clinging on my head. I win OOTD competition held by Senayan City (Fashion Nation). Really a pleasure and beyond happiness to get to know 4 coolest stylists in town. I learn a lot from them. The 'karet gelang' can be very useful, you can draw on face with lipstick, and you can pin anything easily to be more stylish. 

I'm happy to find a cute choker at Ruang Niskala. I bought two, together with pill choker on my previous post. Then this outer is a birthday gift from my friend, Agam. It comes a set with shorts and I really like it. Thanks <3

Anyway, for this look I spent almost 2 hours because mom nags me to not too reveal the body :( So this is the final result of my version lol. 

This photo is taken in front of Local Fest by my friend, Ines and Chris! Love you gurls! 

Crop Top - Bershka
Choker - Ruang Niskala
Skirt - ZARA
Bag - Blackbook
Outerwear - Agam Muharzan

Monday, 6 April 2015



Photograph by Bill Satya
Model Valerie Samantha & Ravi Agustiana

Was a fun colaboration with Ravi and Bill. I enjoy every moment and hoping for the next collaboration. Fyi, since April, I just left Shopdeca and currently unemployment. I prepare myself to achieve some goals for satisfy my thirst for being an entrepreneur. So the hint is, I will open something in Kemang. Anyway, I'm quite free nowadays so if you or you maybe, want to make a collaboration, I will do with happy spirit! :)

I got these shoes from Ardiasa Putra. He helped me got it from Japan. Not only one pair, he even help me to got two pairs of Y.R.U. The TIALS's kimono, I got it from their giveaway. Yes, I'm the winner with Yonas & Dea (they are my bloggers friend haha), I really happy to get this kimono worth 1 mio for free. And for the choker itself, I bought it from Ruang Niskala. You can check the 'zoom' version through my instagram :)

Choker - Ruang Niskala
Top - Adhoc, Bangkok
Skort - Label Cut
Shoes - Y.R.U