Wednesday, 21 January 2015



How's your day? Me not really good. I have some thought about works and careers. Lack of motivation and easily bad moods. Why? Maybe I need some evaluation/offers to motivate me more than current situation. My boss promises us (my work buddies & me) to do some evaluation this friday and I hope it going well.

I'm wearing roemah belanja sunglasses that I bought from Go Girl Expo's latest bazaar. I also wear my favorite Lunarcult's choker. I bought this furry top last year. I didn't have a chance to wear it since I'm kinda perfectionist. I mean, I need something 'real' over my imagination. It will be cool if I wear this fur top with white culottes. I've been eyeing this culottes from Shopdeca

Photograph by my sister, Patrisca at Ancol. Thanks baby.

Sunglasses - Roemah Belanja
Chocker - Lunarcult
Top - Wear Inch
Bottom - Last Clothing
Shoes - Birkenstock

Monday, 12 January 2015



How's your day buddies? I have a lot of things to do nowadays. Even Saturday & Sunday is a work day! No more holiday~ But you know? I'm happy with these situation. I feel guilty if my days end useless. 

Anyway, did you guys join COTDINDO x OOTDINDO collaboration project? They held a big competition and you can easily join. As I remember, you only post your outfit with your phone case. Of course you have to check COTDINDO instagram to know the right theme ;)

I forgot to mention that I tried all the tattoo choker from online shop(s) and I find Shophella's is the best one. This is my personal opinion, since they have some 'hook' at it. Before I bought some at other online shop and it's break easily. Anyway, I bought this basic black leather jacket from Dollskill. They sell what I really want that day. My shorts are from Zara Grand Indonesia and top from Topshop Grand Indonesia. I like to shopping there because they have everything. H&M, Forever21, Topshop, Zara, Pull & Bear. Almost everything, right? 

Tattoo Choker + Bracelet - Shophella
Top - Topshop
Leather Jacket - Widow
Shorts - ZARA
Phone Case - Macstuff
Shoes - T.U.K

Monday, 5 January 2015

New Yeah


Today, 5 January 2015. Monday. Works. Some projects and business will be revealed soon since I've planned it since last month. It will be super exciting! 

Anyway, how's your holiday? Me quite good. I though daddy and mommy wanna check their health up at Penang but I just miss this calculation. Since I'm a good daughter (haha), I'm aware with my parents body condition. My parents are healthy but I know they didn't perfectly healthy. Sometimes mom said she can't raise her hand or dad's eyes have some inner stye that need minor surgery.

Thanks to Ardiasa Putra to capturing this looks! I'm wearing... as you can see at below hahaha! Until the next post, see ya~!

Bucket Hat - 666yen
Top - Pinx
Typo Skirt - Adidas 
Shoes - YRU

Monday, 29 December 2014


Me and my familiy will be on holiday from tomorrow until Januari 3rd! Too sudden of course since I just bought plane tickets + hotels last Saturday. It's just my family habit, it's hard for us to choose when and where are we going for holiday :(. So the luckiest place are *drumrollssssss* PENANG! If people ask me why 'Penang' ? Maybe nowadays I just heard Penang is a popular for photograph and healthiness. Will considering a medical check up for my parents and will be a favorite place for my sis + daddy since they like to take a 'real' photograph ;) (for me, I just wondering if the place have a good foods since I have a big appetite) 

Case sponsored by Macstuff 

Details, since the photographer didn't capture the right angle :(
Anyway, these photos are dedicating to OOTDINDO x COTDINDO collaboration project. Donned in H&M x Alexander Wang sport bra that I got from my friend, Ines. So the story behind it is, I can't queue like you guys since I have works to do and one day, this friend is save ma lifeee! She visit the store on the next day and I just got what I want! I didn't know the sizing so I just order it on XS and when I tried, it comes soooooo small that I really need to hold my breath. 

I also wore this pants from Pinx, I got it from Pasar Seni ITB. The Ludger's baseball shirt I got from Local Fest. I've been eyeing it for a while and I bought it on the last day of the bazaar. UNIF snapback from Dollskill. Until next week post! I'll be posting my new.... hair and traveling story ;)

Cap - UNIF
Sport Bra - H&M x Alexander Wang
Baseball Shirt - Ludger
Bottom - Pinx
Phone Case - Macstuff
Sandals - Birkenstock

Monday, 22 December 2014


Holiday is nearrrrr!!! And the main point is....... I'm not going anywhereee :( At least until I write this blog today! And yeah, I hope there is new plan for me (and family).

I am wearing hat from YG Official Ent, I bought it from Kpopsale. Dress is from Ugly, I bought it from The Goods Dept. Bags from Killstar, Dollskill. And this asjfdhasldsa boots is exactly what you are think from, it's UNIF.

Hat (Taeyang Rise) - Official YG Ent
Dress - Ugly
Bags - Killstar
Boots (DWBH) - UNIF

Monday, 15 December 2014


Been really hectic this past few weeks. Nobody can help me to take a photo in the mean time, so I just wait till the opportunity comes itself. On Saturday, someone help me to took some pictures. Thanks to the only one 'superman' ;)

Anyway this is my second looks for OOTDINDO x COTDINDO collaboration projects! 

I got YRU shoes from Nastygal. I've been eyeing this shoes a long ago when Dollskill sell it. One day I checked Nastygal and it's on sale! I bought it without hesitation and yeah, it's fits perfectly. YRU really become one of my favorite shoes brand! Then I got this sweater from Cotton Ink. Skirt from 24 Hours, you can find it on Dollskill. 

In case you curious about the location, it's in front of The Wharf, Ancol Beach City. It's supeeeeer windy and it's hard to get a 'proper' expression since I really annoyed...............

Sweater - Cotton Ink
Skirt - 24 Hours
Phone Case - Adidas
Shoes - YRU

Tuesday, 9 December 2014


December! and I have new revolutions for the next year! A lot of stuffs to do and a lot of new goals to make it happen. From business, works, until blogger's thingy. Wish me luck!

The reason why I bought the not-only-one Birkenstock, because I was eyeing a long time ago but didn't have a chance to buy it. One day, my friend of mine, called 'this friend' is throwing a birthday and I (force to ahahaha jk) to give a birthday gift. So I bought one Birkenstock with this color for this friend. Me? Yeah I bought it too, it's a gift from me to me ;). Same as my beanie, I bought one from this friend and one for me. Like a 'bonus' for the birthday gift hahaha. 

Anyway, these photos are taken by my blogger's friend Ines. I didn't have a plan to make an ootd shoots, but since she offers to take a picture of mine, so............... yeah. these are the results.

Tattoo Choker & Bracelet - Shophella
Beanie - Zara
Shorts - Forever21
Shirt - Xaola
Sandals - Birkenstock