Sunday, 30 August 2015

Neutral Mood

I was interviewed by someone who doin a thesis about Fashion Blogger. 1 question that really stick in my head is "do you have an Indonesia fashion blogger who inspired you and your style?" unfortunately, the answer of this question is no. It's absolutely sad because I can mention a bunch of name of international fashion blogger who inspired me. When he ask why, maybe because Indonesian people it's still in the neutral mood (monochrome, vintage, or daily basis) & 'play safe' fashion. Sometimes I look to someone who are 'different', it's not what-the-hell-this-person-wear but I'm so happy to find one, and one, and become a lot! I hope it grows because they dare to be unique, not because they are just a few and finally change their mind and become majority. 

What I really look into fashion is something that make me excited. When you can find something unique. If I only can choose 1 of a lot majestic brands here, I love to pick KTZ. Even I can't afford that easily. It's expensive and it's hard to choose where you can buy 1 KTZ piece worth for 3-4 shoes. I still a person who have a business minded so I always calculate everything in mind to make it worth. If not, I'll not satisfied and will be a shame of waste of money. 

I got this hat after 3 times coming to the Central, Grand Indonesia. I admit I was so picky back then and can't refrain myself to buy after seen the 20% tag is hanged. I got the top from Bugis St, Singapore. It's a set with skirt on my previous post. Anyway, taken by my aniki at Dia.lo.gue Artspace, arigatou <3

Hat - Austere by 3 Handoko
Tattoo Choker - Wondaland
Top - Bugis, Singapore
Shorts - Fitlosophy
Sandals - Arizona White, Birkenstock

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Attack on Titan

Today's post is about mumbling. Something not usual that I really want to freak out. As a title, if you don't know the movie/comics/anime, just skipped it. It's not important. Believe me. 


So, I watched Attack on Titan yesterday, at Blitz Megaplex MOI. It the FIRST movie ever that I watched on the release date. I called myself a super fan, I buy all the comics, novels, watch the anime, even buying something not important at AEON Mall and I really have a high expectation for their latest movie. BUT, I can't say it's meet my expectation, my heart is crushing into pieces. Here is some tragedy that I have to tell you : 
1. There is no Levi but Shikishima really act like Levi. Levi is a person who WILL NOT abandoned their comrades, not like Shikishima who just watch their comrades die, eaten by Titans. 
2. Shikishima and Mikasa is a Lover and fvck, it's looks like Levi and Mikasa and I don't want to imagine what Eren do in the comics if it happen.....
3. There is a scene that a woman flirt Eren and say "do you want to be a father of my child?" and it become wild. I have a blank mind like why this fvckin 2 minutes is wasted for this kind of scene. Japan, as I know, when they don't need love scene, they WILL NOT add it. (I watched a lot of J-drama before like Team Medical Dragon, it have a medical theme and there is not a single scene for love scene or similar with Samurai X too). Oh, please.
4. The scene become so modern, the transportation is by cars, but in the manga/anime, they ride a horse and it become so cool. I hate to see cars in the plot of Attack on Titan.
5. How come Mikasa left Eren when she saw Eren injury. Mikasa in the comics WILL NOT doing this. Oh I'm crying. So disappointed. 

The ONLY good thing is the graphic of the Titan : Colosal & Eren, is so majestic. I love to see them in the future. 

Gosh, this is a fashion blog but the intro of today's post is about my crush lately. And yeah~~~~ Thanks to Aniki who taken these pictures of me!
Tattoo Choker - Wondaland
Top - AW Wardrobe
Skirt - Bugis Street, Singapore
Shoes - UNIF

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Pretty Boys Killer


Whats up?! Do you miss me? Or nah? I'm working so hard to present you my Wondaland! I found a partner and I guess, one more for additional partner to make a Wondaland complete. Guess who? I know you already figure out on Wondaland instagram. About the title of today's post, it's something that my partners & I gossiping about pretty boys that interesting/charming/whatever and we found they are gay. Heartbroken and it's useless to searching a pretty boy here tho.

On last Saturday, I had a fun photo shoot with Carissa from Ivy Models. She can rocks all the outfits that will be available on Wondaland. I hope you can enjoy my team works because we really mean it.

Then, I have a super excited news! It's about who will coming to Wondaland's castle soft opening. Revealed sooo soon so I guess you can stalk Wondaland instagram for sure (because I don't have a plan to give you a clue at my instagram). 

Anyway, these photos was taken at Iconic Kemang, it's still under construction so they have a raw properties that you can't found at the other rooftop. I really love oversizzzzeeeed tee because it's really comfortable to wear every occasion. I mean, for works or meetings, it's still cool! It will be available at Wondaland (I know I'm the owner but I guess I'll be the return customer too hahaha). Anyway, I got my headband from Kpopsale. It's official YG stuffs. I wear it too when I was on latest Bigbang concert in Jakarta. It's sooooo fantastic that I couldn't take a proper photo because I jump, shake, and dance. The concert was too good and I hope they will come back soon!

The choker & necklace, it's from Stiggyshop. It's my current favorite accessories shop because they can offer similar things that other shop offers, but it's still the cheapest. Yin yang skirt from Cocraparis, never say no to any kind of yin yang, eh? You can find anything cool at Cocraparis instagram, but hey! they also will be available at Wondaland. I'm so happy to have a store that all the things inside is my favorite stuffs <3 Can you imagine to have one too? 

Choker - Stiggyshop
Necklace - Stiggyshop
Top - Fuxury
Skirt - Cocraparis
Shoes - Buffalo

Saturday, 25 July 2015

I'm Declaring a War

I'm in a rush because I have to pack my belongings for tomorrow trip, so I'm not checking the grammar, sorry. Well, I'm joking about the title. Actually I just want to tell you about my story, it happen three days ago. One day, daddy whatsapp me about why I post something to revealed (and he miss understood about it for a business kind of endorse or something -- yes, I tell my dad everything so maybe he just have a negative mind about it). He disappointed. The truth is, on those photos are all my stuffs, I bought it, I wear it, and my sister/friends helping me to take a photo, and I just post it on my instagram. I never have any 'wah' occasion or be endorsed. 

The point is, okay (maybe), those photos that I post are too sexy for them or something but what I really frustrated is, he judged me, he even didn't ask first about what the reason behind those photos. He told me he knows from a friend so I'll call this person, a stalker. I believe it's not my friend nor cousins, because they didn't care as much as photos on instagram. It's nothing for them (and for me), but I can understand what 60's parents thought. 

Then I figure out another reason why daddy mad at me. Daddy said we are in the East so we have to know the rules here. The problem is, we are from the East but all pretty things on instagram, what influence me, or anything popular are from West. Even I love Japanese and Korean thingy, they have US as they role model. So is this matter is really my fault? Nope. It's no one fault. I called this Generation Gap. We can't ask parents to understand as much as we wish. So, should I change my behavior? It depends on how much I can defend myself. I'm a kind of person who really lazy to argue with parents because I know the basic. Basic = parents never wrong, they know everything, and we must obey them no matter what happen :( 

Mommy told me that one day, as a parent, you will understand the reason why they acts. I love my parents so basically I can obey them with this cause. But what I'm afraid of is, sometimes I hope they can understand our thought, will, hobbies, taste, etc and when its not happen, I can feel hopeless/despair & hoping for the time when I can get my true freedom, and I actually thinking of getting married lol, but the problem: with who.

So, again, short become long. Hahaha. Anyway, I'm going to Singapore tomorrow! Anyone in Singapore and wanna hang out with me? Please contact me through email at my instagram or if you know me so well, easily LINE/Whatsapp me! See ya~

I bought this KTZ snapback from a store in Bali (I forgot the name of the store, I guess it's on Legian). Then I got the T-shirt from my friend, he give me as a souvenir from Paris. Pants are from Topshop, I bought it at Grand Indonesia. It's on sale and become worthed (We're not buying a thing unless is worthed so basically it works on me too). Shoes, Buffalo are from Nastygal. I very lucky to get this because they (still) have my size and it's on sale -- not even 100$ yeay (the normal price is around 200$ haha).

Snapback - KTZ
Bags - This Is A Love Song
T-shirt - Comme des Garçons
Pants - Adidas x Topshop
Shoes - Buffalo

Monday, 13 July 2015

Letter A

Since Romwe can't ship to Indonesia anymore, I'm a bit sad because I don't know where to buy some basic stuff when my money runs out. One day, Dresslink sent me email and introduce itself as one of e-commerse for apparel. These 3 products are my favorite, click to see what's the name & price, and I know you will amaze that these 3 is not even 20$! 

Anyway, how's your day?

Me quite good. I always busy with my own Wondaland and it was very fascinated that I really into it. You can see at my snapchat since I snap a lot of Wondaland's progress to the D day! My ID: valeriesmntha.

These photos are taken at my new house. Actually it's still under construction, but since I don't have any idea to where should I take OOTD pics anymore, then this idea comes. It's really near from my current house, it takes 2 minutes for walk and it's just fine. 

I'm wearing Rayban from Optik Seis, it's a gift from the latest Senayan City Fashion Nation competition. Necklace are from Neon, I got it for free but in exchange, the owner wants my pre-loved sweater so I gave it to her for free too~ Top are from Cozzieshop, they have physical store at ITC Mangga Dua, check their instagram to find more cute stuffs. My dungaree is from Pull & Bear, I got it for free because I got a 1000k voucher from Kuningan City (I'm winning an competition haha). Shoes are from Dr.Marteens. It's from Solestruck. Btw, currently they have a BIG sale (up to 70%) so hurry go visit Solestruck and get the deal!

Sunglasses - Rayban, Optik Seis
Necklace - Neon
Top -  Cozzieshop
Dungaree - Pull & Bear
Shoes - Dr. Marteens

Monday, 6 July 2015


A lot of things happen in my life and I don't know how to start to write down here. Maybe this is the longest days in my life am not updating my blog. This is (actually) a difficult situation for me. Why? Because I hate to abandoned the things that makes 'me' today. Second one is, I hate to finish a lot of things but can't focus at the same time.

I'm making money myself, which means I'm not working for anyone, I'm working with my own blood for my needs. And if you are a good readers, maybe you can calculate how much money I needs in a month to buy everything I wear, and it's (still) only for secondary needs. Primary needs such as eats etc, I really blessed my parents still support me but I know, I can't always depends on them. Daddy asked me about rather than work, why I am not continue my school, master degree is a cool things, right? Because I really have things to do now and can't tolerate others to steal my dream. I'm not a kind person for this. I called my dream, my own wonderland. Yesh, it's Wondaland.

I'm a niche market but sadly, I can't found niche things here, in Indonesia. In my dictionary, Dollskill is my favorite, I can find cute products and sometimes am afraid to open it because I know I will spent money there. Fvcked the $ rates here, it's getting expensive now. Nastygal is (sometimes) cute, I get buffalo, yru, unif.. that's it. Then after a while, I started to playing on etsy. I figure some handmade (cool) stuffs like garter, harness, etc. Lately, I ask my friends that runs a fashion brands, please make something like this, this, that, or not so basic, but what answer I got? "It's not easy to sell those things here" or "I tried before to make a quirky designs then later I make a monochrome, the monochrome is going well, so I don't have single thought to going back into a quirky one" or even harsh "oh, who buys those things? you? and who?" 

Well, they are not wrong. I'm the one who can't stand with those basic designs. So, I'll make one. But it's not a solution for strangers out there. Alright, I'll make one, curated, store and it's also available online, everything for niche market, you can find it there. I'll ask my friends outside Indonesia to help me. A lot of awesome brands there and I'll bring those here. So, in a very longggg introduction, could you be my supporters? I need some support or maybe you are interested to doing this with me? (well, it's likely I need more people to run Wondaland but I don't know who I should ask to join me, I'm not a picky person, I only needs people who can communicate with me and have same goals). 

So anyone? 

Why I write too much on my fashion blog? I'm wearing Dollskill's pants. I bought it a long time ago, I always wear this pants but this is the first appearance here. Slippers from Adidas x Jeremy Scott, I've been eyeing this at Solestruck, then finally got this when ma bae visiting Paris for works. So I got this from Adidas Paris. Then my clutch is from This comes in perfect size, my 2 phones + powerbank & wallets can fit well. Ouija necklace is from Stiggyshop. Ouija means spirit board.

Top - Topshop
Bottom - Dollskill
Bags -
Ouija Necklace - Stiggyshop
Slippers - Adidas x Jeremy Scott

Friday, 19 June 2015

Love Me Right

Hey hey hey 

How's life? How's the progress to pursue your dream? Is it going well? or, do you still find what's your goals in life? Think carefully but not too much! Because the scariest thing is the wasted time that you alr know it wasted. 

So on today's post, I don't know how to start, because a lot of things happen. Hm, start from the day that these photos are taken by my sister. These photos are submission for Topshop Kendal x Kyle celebration for their new collection launched on Topshop Indonesia. I ask Ines to accompany me because the rules told me so, so on last Saturday, I ask her then we had the photoshoot on Sunday. 

The result? yeshh, it's out. We're not chosen as the winner, but still, it's such a fun photoshoot. I can't say I didn't care about the result but always the basic is: I do this kind of competition because I lyk to be a gambler or challenger sounds polite. It's fun, since you don't know the result at the end, OR you have a feelings what the result is, but still you want to try because yeah, somehow it's naturally a habit for a gambler lol. I lyk the misery feelings or questions that come up on my head, it's incredibly... sick. I hate the nervousness because it's consume me, but I really learn a lot about/before/after every competition. I like the feelings to be a loser or the winner. You know, you have to fall before you climb. Afraid to fall? Enjoy your fvckin' stuck in your life. I hope a lot of fun competition arise and you are one of precious gem that I have to beat haha! 

I got my top from Geisha Boutique, it's one of a lot of things I got from accompany my mom to ITC Mangga Dua. If you want this kind of top, just go around you will find a lot. Geisha Boutique is on 5th floor, I forgot the lot's number, try to google it. 

Thanks to my sis Patrisca Amanda and bae Ines.

Top - Geisha Boutique
Shorts - H&M
Hat - H&M
Tattoo Set (Choker/Bracelet/Rings) - Wondaland
Sandals - The Editors Market