Friday, 19 September 2014

Wish for Bachelor Degree

Hey! Today is Friday which is now I am on my way to become a bachelor, wish me luck!

This is taken by Sartob, candidly ;) Me love it, thankyou!! (PS: this bag is Putri's)
I bought my shirt long time ago at online shop, @withsuwithsu on instagram. Actually I tried to mix and match this shirt but I didn't really success since its too short if I didn't wear anything or leggings and too long for a pants. I came with this idea because I found this sheer dress and just frankly put and love it. Then my tattoo choker and necklace from Lunar Cult. I lost the necklace and just found it one day before the event. This bucket hat I got from KZL Projects at Euphoria Project. 

My shoes are from Beary House Shoes. This is their newest collection so you better check their feed and buy it! It's supeeeer cute skull with a bit red accent. Comfortable enough to wear it all day since it's not too high. The sizing it's bigger 1 size than usual. I usually wear 39 (24,5cm), but this shoes are 38.

Anyway, taken by Ardiasa Putra at Euphoria Project, Central Park. Thanks!

Bucket Hat - KZL Projects
Tattoo Choker & Necklace - Lunar Cult
Top - WIthsuwithsu
Sheer Dress - Label Cut
Shoes - Beary Shoes

100% Home Project
Line : bearhouseshoes, bearyshoes
WA/SMS : +6287877883455 (no call)

Monday, 15 September 2014



A lot of things happen nowadays, something surprise and not, and I believe I need to pass trough this (maybe) hardship. My super final thesis for bachelor degree will be tested on this Friday. I really need your prayer and support!


I barely post this 'too much laugh', just want you know that I am happy enough ;)
I am wearing studded tank from Spotlight Store. I bought it a year a go and didn't have a chance to nail it. Skirt from Modifins that I bought it together with jacket (I also already blogged it, check it ;)). Sheer me outerwear from Stiggista, this catch my attention when I went to Market & Museum last time. Shoes I got from Solestruck, really love that quilted with pink color!

Tanktop - Spotlight Store
Outerwear - Stiggista
Tattoo Choker - Lunarcult
Skirt - Modifins
Shoes - Dr.Marteens

Thursday, 11 September 2014

London's Chicken


How's your day? Me some reason are good and not really good. I watched EXO concert's last Saturday. The truth is... I enjoy their concert but I just thought that they are not ready for this big concert. I watched a lot of concert and this one is not really fantastic but thanks to their looks, somehow I enjoy it! The not-really-good feelings came when you finished watching EXO concert. I found my body not in the good phase (yes, I just recovered from the sickness). I sleep a lot in the next day to gain my energy to alive hahahaha ;)

So, this is my outfit for attending Go Girl! Expo at Senayan City last Friday. I bought this super cute socks at Topman Grand Indonesia. This socks are really catch my attention. If you like this kind of socks, you better go check now because it's a new collection. 

My skirt from Second Stuff Project. Click the link below to check their stuff. They sell a lot of good and super affordable clothes. The quality is so right and only 1 item available each. You better contact them ASAP if you like their stuff, because it likes your last chance to buy (no restock).

Taken by Ardiasa Putra at Senayan City's rooftop.
Sweater - Warm Hugs
Socks - TOPMAN
Shoes - Beary Shoes

Second Stuff Project
IG : @secondstuffproject
PH : 08975066194 
LINE : secondstuffxproject

Monday, 8 September 2014

Rad Red

I bought this jacket vinyl jacket from Dollskill. I bought this quite a long time ago but I didn't have a chance to wear it. The bag itself from Peppercorns, I bought it from latest Market & Museum bazaar. I didn't expect to buy it but it catch my attention, since I need a new clutct ;). Skirt from Platform Store and my orsted top from Egency.

Top - Egency
Harness Skirt - Platform Store
Jacket - Lip Service
Shoes - UNIF

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Carousell x Bloggers


It's been a week after the Carousell blogger's bazaar and I just spare my time to updates this blog! I post some photos of the event and will updates my outfit in the next post ;)

Then, I have some great news for you!

  • For those who could not come for the event, you can visit my online Garage Sale (Get cheap hauls and really awesome fashion stuff!) at Carousell ID: hidemyidentitie.( CHAT TO BUY to buy from me directly :). Yup, directly, so we don't need to exchange whatsapp, line, phone number, etc. Isn't a really great apps?!
  • You can sell anything and set up an online shop too on Carousell, just like me! BTW Carousell is having a Lucky Draw: Simply list 1 item or more before 12 October 2014, to stand a chance in winning Starbucks Card worth Rp100.000 each!* there are 15 to be won. so it’s the best time to download & start selling the Carousell app now ;) 
  • Carousell is an iPhone & Android app, just like Instagram but especially for online selling and buying. Snap List Sell in 30 seconds, find the items you love and shop from thousands of great bargains available. Search “Carousell” on Appstore or Playstore and Download for FREE! 
  • Join the Mailing List if you want to get latest update via email about future Carousell events (Bloggers Garage Sale, bazaar, community meet up dll)

Photo Credits from Carousell Indonesia or you can find it on Facebook Page.