Monday, 22 December 2014


Holiday is nearrrrr!!! And the main point is....... I'm not going anywhereee :( At least until I write this blog today! And yeah, I hope there is new plan for me (and family).

I am wearing hat from YG Official Ent, I bought it from Kpopsale. Dress is from Ugly, I bought it from The Goods Dept. Bags from Killstar, Dollskill. And this asjfdhasldsa boots is exactly what you are think from, it's UNIF.

Hat (Taeyang Rise) - Official YG Ent
Dress - Ugly
Bags - Killstar
Boots (DWBH) - UNIF

Monday, 15 December 2014

Been really hectic this past few weeks. Nobody can help me to take a photo in the mean time, so I just wait till the opportunity comes itself. On Saturday, someone help me to took some pictures. Thanks to the only one 'superman' ;)

Anyway this is my second looks for OOTDINDO x COTDINDO collaboration projects! 

I got YRU shoes from Nastygal. I've been eyeing this shoes a long ago when Dollskill sell it. One day I checked Nastygal and it's on sale! I bought it without hesitation and yeah, it's fits perfectly. YRU really become one of my favorite shoes brand! Then I got this sweater from Cotton Ink. Skirt from 24 Hours, you can find it on Dollskill. 

In case you curious about the location, it's in front of The Wharf, Ancol Beach City. It's supeeeeer windy and it's hard to get a 'proper' expression since I really annoyed...............

Sweater - Cotton Ink
Skirt - 24 Hours
Phone Case - Adidas
Shoes - YRU

Tuesday, 9 December 2014


December! and I have new revolutions for the next year! A lot of stuffs to do and a lot of new goals to make it happen. From business, works, until blogger's thingy. Wish me luck!

The reason why I bought the not-only-one Birkenstock, because I was eyeing a long time ago but didn't have a chance to buy it. One day, my friend of mine, called 'this friend' is throwing a birthday and I (force to ahahaha jk) to give a birthday gift. So I bought one Birkenstock with this color for this friend. Me? Yeah I bought it too, it's a gift from me to me ;). Same as my beanie, I bought one from this friend and one for me. Like a 'bonus' for the birthday gift hahaha. 

Anyway, these photos are taken by my blogger's friend Ines. I didn't have a plan to make an ootd shoots, but since she offers to take a picture of mine, so............... yeah. these are the results.

Tattoo Choker & Bracelet - Shophella
Beanie - Zara
Shorts - Forever21
Shirt - Xaola
Sandals - Birkenstock

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Caution, Wet Floor!

Behave, or I can make you falling down. Like a wet floor. There is a sign, but I can easily move it and you won't realize until you fell. You have to be careful for your attitude. You are not young anymore, please be wise.


A collaboration project for OOTDINDO x COTDINDO.
taken by Aiiness

Hi guys! Today is my turn to make some blog post and instagram post about this collaboration. I have to post 4 looks in total with the phone case to complete the look. It's COTD (Case of The Day) idea to make a new trend. So if you guys want to be featured, you can easily tag and mention COTD on instagram.

Top - Adidas
Short - Pinx
Leather Jacket - ZARA
Shoes - Dr. Marteens
Phone Case - Baobao

Sunday, 30 November 2014

Teddy Bae

So guys, how's your day?

Me quite good. Since there is no perfect day for me to enjoy my days. My brain is demanding some works, so I can't stand when my time wasted to do nothing. 

I'm wearing Danjyo Hiyoji's see through top. It's awesome since they make some illusion on it. I match this velvet skirt from Widow. I bought it from Dollskill like a months ago. It will be perfect if I wear socks and put it on the clip, but it's too mainstream since I really like to wear something use-able, become useless, lol. Shoes from UNIF and I know it's alrd 23049230493 times bumping on this blog. 

Last but not least, the awesome Polette to complete my look. I choose this sunglasses because it's really cute. As you know, I held a giveaway on my intagram + I also post it on the blog. I already announce the winner on instagram and once again, congratulation to the winner! Special thanks to polette for sponsing the giveaway! 

See you on another post, anyway photo credit thanks to my sis, Patrisca Amanda who really busy nowadays. I miss you so much please come back home~~~~~ 

Sunglasses - Polette
Top - Danjyo Hiyoji
Skirt - Widow
Stocking - H&M
Shoes - UNIF

Sunday, 23 November 2014

I do Colors

Some people saying that readers will only check the picture more than read the blog. Well, I want to test, is it true or not! Please comment "I read" bellow if you read this short message ;). Cheers!

Cap - UNIF
Tattoo Chocker/Bracelet - Shophella
Top - Platform Store
Pants - Platform Store
Shoes - Adidas Jeremy Scott

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Toxic for Life

I really concern about people opinion "somehow, your blog becomes an advertisement media"
Well, believe me, I'm not doing this -fashion-bloggers for this kind of things. I still do my outfit post  at least once a week, so I won't disappoint you my readers <3

Anyway, I just post my first giveaway collaboration, I hope you guys participate and join the fun! The bad news is, I only choose 1 lucky person to be the new owner of Polette glasses. And after me, a lot of fashion blogger also held the similar giveaway, you better check the information so you can join another giveaway to make a bigger chance to win!

Abbey Dawn is a fashion brand from Avril Lavigne. I don't know her much, but I buy this because it's just too cute to resist. FURY and PINK. I got it from Gaby since it's too small for her (yup, lucky me to be in this size). If you notice, it have a hoodie with ear detail and also skull at the backside. Totally love the outerwear! Then I got this ripped dress from Religion, Bali. It's London brand but they have some store at Bali. Well, I envy Bali because they have a lot of cool boutique! The shoes are from UNIF and the choker (really match with my fur jacket's pattern) by Blooming Slowly. 

Fur Jacket - Abbey Dawn
Dress - Religion
Choker - Blooming Slowly
Shoes - UNIF