Tuesday, 2 September 2014


These past 4 days are quite fun, I have so much fun with Carousell team. I won't tell you now, in the next post, okay? Before it's toooo late, I will post this looks first! 

Me force some BONUS ;)

So I was going to Market and Museum bazaar at Lippo Mall Kemang. The event is really crowded and I barely got some outerwear. I met with Ines nd we always have some kind of coincidence. We wore the same brand clothes.. Before, it's AW Wardrobe, and now it's Modifins. We never make an appointment and it just happened! Oh yes, my jacket is from Modifins.

I wore the dress I got from Polo store in Bandung. Actually I just accompany dad to bought some golf cap. I never expect to get some clothes there because I don't like to wear a polo shirt. Because waiting is boring so I decided to take a look. In the end I got this sporty dress. It's only one left in L size. Yes, L. I usually wear XS but this one is on L. The shopkeeper said it's in the small sizing but still, L is a bit to big for me. I almost not gonna buy it but dad told me so, then I just bought it. 

Shoes is Reebok Pump from Reebok. I got this as a present and currently love to wear it in everyday walking. Its comfortable and a bit pretty (yes, the prettiest is still Adidas Jeremy Scott). Anyway, taken by Ardiasa Putra, thanks!

Dress - Polo by Ralph & Laurent
Socks - Uniqlo
Shoes - Reebok
Outerwear - Modifins

Monday, 1 September 2014

[REVIEW] The Dry Me, Lash & Wink, Jar of Beauty


Sooooooo today I will make a bit review of The Dry Me services, Lash & Wink, and Jar of Beauty products! 

I got these two products from Lash and Winks and Jar of Beauty. It's fake eyelashes and make up remover. Actually I'm not using fake eyelashes because I can't wear it alone, I need someone help and too lazy to do it. The other reason is because it's not comfortable. It bother my sight and it make my eyes heavy. BUT, I try Lash and Winks products and it change my opinion about the second reason. It's not heavy, not bother your sight, and it's comfortable. I also try at home how to wear the this fake eyelashes, it took times, but because it made from good material and reusable so even I pressing it hard, it's not easily broke. You can purchase this make up supplies at their instagram @lashnwink

I got make up remover from Jar of Beauty and it can clean up my face well. I try the other products esp liptint and blush on. I like the daily make up color likes orange (Orange Slushee Tinted Lipbalm) and pink (Cotton Candy Tinted Lipbalm) for liptint, above all, it have a flavor that makes you want to lick it! My favorite blush on color is red colored (Bloody Mary Blush Swatches Cream). Check their instagram to buy! @jarofbeauty

Can you see this fake eyelashes? Mine is Jade!

So now, whenever you are busy or didn't have much time to take care your look, you can easily go to The Dry Me! With only 30 minutes, they can change your hair look and you will be ready to rock your day! Here's some photos of their good service! They just opened their new store at Baywalk Mall. The first store are at Fashion Hub Kelapa Gading, so don't forget to visit and you won't regret! Check their instagram for promotional updates @thedryme !

with the team! 

Thanks for inviting me, I really enjoyed my time. Until the next post, see ya~!

Tuesday, 26 August 2014


I was sick like a weeks and I hate my body conditions. I started to feel sick last Tuesday. I have a sore throat and I just drink some chrysant tea like a medicine, 3 times a day and just had more proper sleep. I was hoping on last Wednesday I can be better because I have styling job, but God want me to rest more, so I skipped the job and just rest all day long at home. On Thursday I go to my campus to submit my final paper. It's getting better, so on Friday. When on Saturday, I thought my body is doing well and I just visit a Dry Me event at Baywalk Mall. In the mean time, I have some strange feelings on my ears. Well it's tinnitus (telinga berdenging). Until Sunday morning, I can feel much pain in my ears, I go to doctor to get some medicine, and I hope it will get better soon!

This outerwear from H&M, I bought it a long time ago in Singapore. This crop top, you can find easily at H&M Jakarta. I got the shorts from Monstore at Embrio, Kemang. I really appreciate local brand who have their own store such as Monstore, Cotton Ink, and Skelly. It's not that easy to finally have some decision to have a store in this fashion industry. Then I got my socks from Uniqlo, I bought it in purpose to match this look (because my elevator shoes is kind of ladies that only want matchy socks ;)). Anyway thsese photos are taken by Ardiasa Puasa near my house. Thanks!

Crop Top - H&M
Shorts - Monstore
Outerwear - H&M
Socks - Uniqlo
Shoes - Y.R.U
Fitted Snapback - Kenzo

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

A Tourist!

Photos are taken by Patrisca Amanda and Ardiasa Putra. Thanks!

I got this hat from a factory outlet in Bandung, Heritage It's not pricey and they have a lot of stocks, if you want the same style and color like me, you can go there or just go around to another factory outlet and I believe you can get a similar one. My current favorite shoes are from Beary Shoes, check their instagram because they just open a new pre-order. Skirt from Danjyo Hiyoji, I bought it quite long time ago but suddenly found this at the back of my closet. Anyway, they just release a new season (EN GARDE) and you can request a lookbook to danjyo.hiyoji@gmail.com

I got this one of a kind top from ODIOLI. The Sakata from Zaakunika made from cotton, crop at front with aztec pattern. I got mine and I hope you get yours too! I believe you also want to get a little surprise from Odioli. They will give you a shopping voucher IDR 1,000,000 and you have a chance to win a FREE TRIP to Bali. Let me tell you how!

1. Follow @odioli at Instagram 

2. Capture your style wearing Odioli products.

3. Post your picture on Instagram and don't forget 
to mention, hastag, and tag @odioli #OOXME

4. By the end of every month, they will pick one winner 
based on the most-liked photo.

Soooo, good luck for all of you! I hope you are the winner and enjoy the present. Until the next post, see ya.

Skirt - Danjyo Hiyoji
Shoes - Beary Shoes
Hat - Heritage
Necklace - Hungarian Market, Romania

Saturday, 16 August 2014


I madly in love with fur. So how can I got this adorable fur coat? I bought it from The Goods Dept Pondok Indah Mall. Its only one left and it's on sale. This is just my luck because my friend, Ines found this fur and she told me to try it. I tried it and in seconds, I decided to buy. 

I got my top from Nikicio, I bought it online because only there I got my size. It's perfectly fit and I just happy to wore it. If you realize, this is my second time to wore this top! My skirt from Benash, I bought it from the first second Infare and just have a chance to wear it. All my outfit is from Indonesian local brand, can't you believe it? Because they are just too amazing! They should try to selling it online worldwide so a lot of people can enjoy it!

Top - Nikicio
Skirt - BENASH
Fur Coat - BLCKHRT
Shoes - UNIF